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Eyes of the Father: Voice your love of God
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I call it Chloe’s “Story of Love.”

I like this story — it’s my favorite one — because it’s about me.

When I come into her bedroom to kiss her goodnight, she says, “I love you because you’re so sweet.” When I’m watching TV or reading a book, she’ll crawl into my lap, snuggle down and say, “I love you because you’re so warm.” When I give her something to drink she says, “I love you because you take care of me.”

I never knew there were so many reasons to love me until she started telling them to me. I’d have to rack my brain for hours to come up with all the reasons she seems to find on the spur of the moment.

Why is that? I guess it’s because she’s paying attention. Whenever I provide something for her, that’s an opportunity for her to discover a reason why she loves me so much. Whenever I hug her, or smile at her, or do something for her benefit, she understands that is part of my loving nature. My actions are based in love, and her response should be based in love, too.

When God was leading the Israelites through the wilderness, there were times that they were in need. They needed food (Exodus 16:1-35). They needed water (Exodus 17:1-7). They needed protection (Exodus 17:8-16). Each time, God provided.

Their response was to thank him, often building an altar to commemorate the site of God’s provision. It was like they were saying, “God, we love you because at this place you did this for us.”

How attentive are we to the ways that our heavenly father provides for us? How attentive are we to the things he says to us and does for us? I doubt we recognize every instance, although we might catch a good number of them.

What is our response? Do we recognize those things as being based in his love? Is our response to what he has done for us based in love, too? We may not build an altar on the site of his provision, but do we at least say, “God, we love you because ... ”?

Or do we miss it? Do we miss or not even take the opportunity to tell God how much we love him? Why not take that opportunity now?

Repeat after me: “God, I love you because ... ”

Now you take it from here.

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on

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