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Eyes of the Father: Sin rots soul like cavities decay teeth
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Chloe went to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. No big deal. We’ve done it several times before and she’s always gotten good check-ups.

Not this time. This time, the dentist found not one, but two cavities. I was shocked!

Chloe has always been good about brushing her teeth. I couldn’t understand how a little girl who brushed her teeth as much as Chloe did could have two cavities.

The dentist explained the cavities were connected to each other. What he meant by that was the cavities were on two teeth touching each other. As a result, the cavities were like mirror images of each other. The dentist theorized some food got lodged between the teeth and formed two cavities.

As we found out that day, food that is lodged in your teeth can be very detrimental. Once it begins breaking down, it leads to decay and creates a cavity. If left unchecked, the cavity will grow, making the problem bigger and more serious.

Thankfully, the ill effects of the cavities can be stopped by the intervention of a dentist, who can fill the cavity and arrest the decay.

As I left the dentist’s office with a much lighter wallet, I pondered on how sin is like a piece of food that causes cavities. Sin can get lodged inside our souls. Once there, it begins the process of breaking us down. Sin leads to the decay of the soul, which causes a spiritual cavity within us. If left unchecked, the spiritual cavity can grow, making the effects of sin a bigger and more serious problem than we could ever imagine.

Paul recognized this when in Romans 7 he said although he wanted to do good, the presence of sin in his life was working against him. The sin was causing decay in his spirit to such an extent that he cried out, “Who will save me from this body of death? (Romans 7:24, NKJV).

In the very next verse, he answers his own question: God will, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The ill effects of sin can be stopped by the intervention of our heavenly father through Jesus Christ. His death on the cross made the way so we can be forgiven of our sins, and the dangerous, soul-decaying effects of our sin can be not only arrested, but removed from us completely (1 John 1:9).

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on