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The force is strong with these fans
For many, 'Star Wars' more than just a movie
Brecken Lawler, right with his brother Chase in front of some of their 1000-1500 piece "Star Wars" memorabilia. - photo by Zachary Mahroum

December 17, 2015 is a date embellished in many people's minds. Winning over the hearts and minds of millions of moviegoers spanning almost three generations, “Star Wars” is one of the largest movie series in the history of cinema.

A long-awaited and rumor-filled 10 years has passed since the last “Star Wars” film. The next installment “The Force Awakens” is not a film to be passed up this year.

Fans have started buying movie tickets online in advance. Fandango, the movie ticket purchasing website, has reported it has already sold eight times as many tickets as it did for the previous record holder, the first day of “The Hunger Games.”

“I think 'Star Wars' is so popular because it was so different from any other movie that came out in the late 70s,” local “Star Wars” fanatic Brecken Lawler said. “It also was a movie that showed that anyone could be a hero, portraying a geeky moisture farmer, Luke Skywalker, helping defeat the empire, instilling a sense of confidence in the viewer.”

The series has created a cult following since the release of the first film. There are many collectors out there who spend their time collecting memorabilia.

Collecting is no little hobby to some. “Star Wars” collectibles and memorabilia are quite rare and extremely valuable. Some movie props that have been auctioned off have been sold in the six-figure range. Many collectors have an immense amount of memorabilia as well.

“I would say I have between 1,000 and 1,500 pieces of Star Wars memorabilia, some of it being my dad's and my brother Chase’s,” Lawler said.

“Star Wars” is a big deal to so many fans locally and globally because it is a series that has spanned three generations and has been passed down from parent to child. There are countless spin-offs ranging from animated TV series to Christmas specials.

'Star Wars'” is special to me because it is a generational thing. My dad was a kid when the first 'Star Wars' came out in 1977 and grew up with it,” Lawler said. “He then introduced it to me and my brother by showing us his old collection and VHS tapes.”

“Star Wars” means a lot more than just a film series to many people. To some it is more than just a hobby, but rather a lifestyle or something that is part of them that relates to fans.

“It is something that something that my family bonds over and I will then hopefully pass on the love of Star Wars to my kids and so on from there,” Lawler said. “And to you … remember, the force will be with you, always.”

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