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Our thoughts: Senior year feels more than a bit surreal
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At times, things feel surreal when senior year finally hits.

As a freshman, 12th grade seemed like a thousand years away, but within a blink of an eye you realize, you’re next up.

Your “to-do list” starts to rapidly grow: job, late night studying, GPA worries, high school Friday night football, college applications, SATs and ACTs, scholarships, and don’t forget about a social life.

To say the least, senior year can be a bit of a headache.

Parents are on edge as well. It’s tough finding the balance between babying too much and how much to let go.

Do curfews still exist, if so what’s the appropriate time? There won’t be a curfew once parents wave goodbye on college move-in day.

Not too much control can be placed upon us now, seeing that many seniors have part-time jobs, budgeting out their wants and needs responsibly.

We come into freshman year wholeheartedly ready to take over the school.

Valedictorian has your name all over it. The time you fail your first test in freshman literature and composition or entry-level coordinate algebra is a serious wake-up call.

Sophomore year still feels like senior year will never come. Your first AP class isn’t so sweet. No one's there to hold your hand and teach step by step.

With hours and hours of homework and little sleep with a coffee addiction on the rise; three letters are the only thing in mind: GPA.

How about junior year when SAT and ACT creep their way into the picture. It’s crazy how one test can determine your entire future.

Once you’ve mastered the art of studying for the ACT or SAT in class while taking notes and listening to the teacher lecture, you think you’re somewhat prepared.

The first time around is terrible. Your attention span doesn’t last hours straight. But somehow, we all make it through.

Remember when your kindergarten teacher went around the room asking boys and girls, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Answers like firefighter, doctor, astronaut or even a beauty queen all were said with ease — not a care in the world.

Fast forwarding to this day, of course you’ve changed your mind hundreds of times, while finding your strengths, weaknesses and passions in the world.

Now it’s not just what’s cool or what your favorite superhero loves. Aspects such as, which school offers a particular major, the income rate to fit your current lifestyle, how many years of college is required all come into play.

Once senior year arrives, a day in May is the only thing in mind: graduation.

Looking around and noticing you’re the oldest in school is strange. On the first day of school, watching freshmen frantically pace down the halls in hopes of finding the right class on time is hilarious.

We all realize that was us a couple years ago but, now you could get to class with your eyes closed. As we vote senior superlatives and grab our senior perks, the year appears to be great; but the thoughts of not being in your comfort zone next year and knowing life will drastically change soon becomes a little scary.

Those classmates you’ve had around since elementary graduation won’t be there anymore. Teachers become professors and 27-desk classrooms may become 400-seat auditoriums. Adulthood isn’t far away.All those bills and responsibilities Mommy and Daddy carry aren’t so long term anymore.

My best advice is to not over crowd your senior year.

Spend the most time with those who make you smile. You’ve worked on your time-management skills for years, now use it and manage to have some fun!

With all that goes on senior year, the accomplishments you’ve made throughout high school should never go unnoticed. This should be a time of reflection as well as a time of planning the future.

The year itself may be stressful, but looking back on the good and bad lessons you’ve experienced throughout high school can help you on the path you choose to take next.

The future is big. It sounds so cliche but, it’s true. Nothing is stopping you, a new chapter of your life is now arising.

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