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How teens are carving out their time this fall
Prioritizing can be crucial part of balancing demands
Kalanie Wilson of East Hall High signs into school after Work-Based Learning off campus.

Now that school has started and the leaves are falling, the schedules of teens are in full swing. Between school, internships, jobs, extracurricular activities and time with family and friends, the life of a teenager can be packed.

Being so busy can get hectic, not to mention all the stress that comes from trying to arrange equal time for all that in weekly schedules.

Sometimes it seems like things just won’t be able to get done, but somehow they manage. So, how do these super teenagers do it? Let’s see how a few of them manage their time so well.

Kalanie Wilson, senior at East Hall High School who is involved with the Honors Mentorship Program, Work-Based Learning, National Honors Society, Beta Club, HOSA and marching band talked about the importance of managing her time.

“Time management is a very hard thing to do but is vital when it comes to wanting to accomplish everything you need done,” she said.

She spoke about the tactics she uses to keep everything in order.

“One of the best ways to keep everything straight is to keep a calendar and write your schedule down and constantly refer back to it,” Wilson said. “The No. 1 thing is don’t be lazy and definitely don’t procrastinate to get something done.”

Tucker Hardison, junior at East Hall, also deals with a highly busy schedule. As a drum major, participant of concert band, tennis player and member of the Tri-M Club and Featherbone Communiversity, he has to do his best to make things work.

“I am always busy and many things pop up unexpectedly during the day, so sometimes it is hard to manage my time,” he said.

“There is always something to do as drum major. I try to get those done as soon as possible so that I am not consumed later with many different things,” Hardison said. “I normally categorize my activities into what I feel are most important and do those first.”

Senior at Johnson High School, Aly Groover, offered some tips as to how she is managing her time during her last year of high school while involved with both school and traveling tennis teams, the youth group and praise and worship band at Airline Baptist Church, musical theater and the Northeast Georgia Medical Center teen volunteer program.

“One method of time management that I use would be creating to-do lists,” she said. “While it might sound simple, it is very helpful in ensuring that I get all of my tasks done. It really helps me get everything done in a timely manner.”

Grover mentioned an aspect that applies to almost all teens of today: “”Put away all electronics and distractions when trying to get an important task done. I have found that when I put down the social media or whatever it may be, I get a lot more accomplished and have more free time later.”

All three teens, like most in today’s society, have little free time. They emphasized the importance of prioritizing. It can be crucial to determine what’s going to be your main focus, and that can vary depending on the person and even the week.

While high school is said by many to be the best time of your life, it can also very easily be one of the busiest.

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