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Flowery Branch students embrace high standards of 'The 4 Talons'
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Flowery Branch High has became an academy of Global Studies over the past three years. Students, faculty and staff have transformed their behaviors, curriculum and proficiency to turn the school into a charter program.

Principal Jason Carter has created an innovative way to get students involved within the charter, as well as better them to become well-rounded citizens. “The 4 Talons” went into effect this year. They are respect, responsibility, honesty and service. Falcon students have risen to the occasion and their actions deserve some recognition.

Junior Bailee O’brien took matters into her own hands when her birthday rolled around this year. Instead of being the average teenager asking parents and family members for a new car, new clothes or money, she decided to give back. O'brien took hold of her service talon as she sponsored three unfortunate families for her birthday. O'brien told Young Edge, “I am blessed, my heart is full and there is nothing more I could’ve asked for.”  

Star football player Cortez Davis sat down with Young Edge to discuss one of the many lessons Falcon football has taught him. Davis captures his feelings about football as, “If there is one thing football taught me, it was respect. I learned how to respect myself, those around me, my peers, as well as my coaches.” The fight and drive in Davis came from football and ultimately rewarded him with his respect talon.

Hannah and Kelsey McQueen are far from your average set of twins. The two have combined their heads together to create “Pulsera People.” The McQueens describe the business and their mission as, “We’re going to save the world. Or, more accurately, try to. We make jewelry that funds mission work in the beautiful Dominican Republic.” To begin their massive, yet homely, mission the McQueens stepped out on a leap of faith. It is safe to say the McQueen twins exemplify all the four talons and much more.

Falcons rise, rise above the average and fly high above the common man. As students step foot into the doors of Flowery Branch High School, breezing by is no longer an option. As they walk out the doors of Free Chapel with their final diploma in hand and a mind full of knowledge, they will make impact on our nation. The foundation for it all is set by “The 4 Talons.”

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