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Kitchen Inspections: Oct. 5-8
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Oct. 5 Buffalo’s Cafe3446 Winder Highway Suite 101, Flowery BranchScore: 96, Grade: ADish machine not reaching the required 180 F for final rinse, hot water was between 156 and 171 F on gauge, internal water 145 F; have repaired, three-compartment-sink will be used.Inspector: Donna BlackEnota Multiple Intelligence Agency1340 Enota Ave., GainesvilleScore: 100, Grade: AInspector: BlackHappy China2458 Limestone Parkway Suite D, GainesvilleScore: 88, Grade: BBowl was stored in hand washing sink. Hand washing sinks must be used for hand washing purposes only. Heavy mold buildup was found in ice dispensing compartment of soda machine.