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Kitchen Inspections: March 20-26
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected from March 20-March 26 by the Hall County Environmental Health Department. Food service establishments are given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: “A” (90-100), “B” (80-89), “C” (70-79), “U” 69 and below. Inspections (frequency of) a food service establishment are conducted based on risk categorization. The risk type is determined by the menu items served, the food preparation processed performed, and the previous food safety history in the food service establishment.
A new food service establishment that has never served food must score 100 (A) to receive a food service permit to operate. When a restaurant changes ownership, a new food service permit must be issued. To be issued a permit for a change of ownership, the establishment must score a 95 (A) or above with all foodborne illness risk factors and public health interventions in compliance. Permits must be posted in public view at all times. Establishments with drive-thru windows will also be required to have the top one-third of a copy of the most current inspection report visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, date of inspection and establishment information, in addition to the copy posted inside the establishment. Copies of the rules are available at the Hall County Environmental health Office. The rules and regulations are also available online at
To register a complaint against a food service establishment, contact the Hall County Environmental Health Department at 770-531-3973.

March 20

American Deli
3885 Mundy Mill Road Suite 109, Oakwood
Score: 85, Grade: B
Raw lamb stored above cooked rice in sandwich unit; raw animal products must be stored according to minimum internal cook temperature and below ready-to-eat foods. Uncovered containers of rice stacked on top of each other; during storage, food must be protected from contamination. Rice and opened packages of deli meat without date labels; any potentially hazardous ready-to-eat foods held for more than 24 hours must be date marked. Rice scoop stored with handle touching rice; in-use utensils must be stored in one of the following methods: in food that is not potentially hazardous with the handle above the food; on a clean surface if the utensil will be cleaned and sanitized frequently; in running water; or in water that is 135 F or greater.
Inspector: Erin Kincaid

Brooke Lynn’s Own Sticks & Cones
1850 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Kincaid

March 23

Buffalo’s Cafe
3446 Winder Highway Suite 101,
Flowery Branch
Score: 98, Grade: A
Floors found with residue underneath equipment, at floor and wall junctures, and underneath ice machine.
Inspector: Donna Black

Curt’s Restaurant
3440 Branch Road, Flowery Branch
Score: 97, Grade: A
Pork chops thawing in container of stagnant water. Potentially hazards foods shall be thawed in any of the following methods: under refrigeration; completely submerged in running water that maintains a temperature of 70 F or below and that is flowing with enough velocity to float off loose particles; in the microwave if it is immediately cooked; or as part of the cooking process.
Inspector: Kincaid

Enota Multiple Intelligence Agency
1340 Enota Ave., Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Fair Street Elementary School
695 Fair St. SE, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Planet Smoothie
5900 Spout Springs Road Suite S, Flowery Branch
Score: 96, Grade: A
Ice bucket found sitting in hand sink at beginning of inspection. Hand sinks must remain accessible to employees at all times and must not be used for any purpose other than hand washing.
Inspector: Kincaid

Sunset Cove
7000 Lanier Islands Parkway, Buford
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

March 24

Bright Spot
743 Spring St., Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wentworth

March 25

Gainesville High School
850 Century Place, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue
5545 Atlanta Highway, Flowery Branch
Score: 92, Grade: A
Chemical bottles found with no labels; all bottles must be labeled so that contents are known inside. Prep cooler, two-door reach-in cooler and freezer all with heavy condensate leaks and water pooling on bottoms of coolers. Prep sinks and hand sink were loose from wall and unsealed from flange. Carts holding chemicals and shelves underneath prep areas found with food residue. Grease container with buildup of grease; clean container to prevent insect and rodent attraction. Floors throughout kitchen, especially underneath equipment, found with food residue. Floor tiles pulling up from the floor underneath prep sink areas.
Inspector: Black

Royal Lakes Restaurant/Catering
4700 Royal Lakes Drive, Flowery Branch
Score: 94, Grade: A
Sanitizer from chemical sanitizer dish machine was not registering on test strips at the beginning of inspection.
Inspector: Kincaid

March 26

Atlas Pizza
104 Washington St. NW, Gainesville
Score: 96, Grade: A
Pressure gauge not reaching required 15-25 psi; the flow pressure of a hot water sanitizing rinse may not be less than 15 or more than 25. Rinse gauge on dish machine failing to reach 180 F (around 130 F); after adjustment, rinse gauge reached 200 F; the sanitizing rinse temperature at the manifold may not be more than 194 F or less than 180 F.
Inspector: Kincaid

Cook Out Restaurant
719 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wentworth

Fighting Geese Coffee Bar at Academic Building 4
3820 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood
Score: 99, Grade: A
Employee hats, jackets and handbags were stored on top of and next to items used for customers; keep all personal items in a designated area away from customer items to prevent possible contamination.
Inspector: Black

Friendship Elementary School
4450 Friendship Road, Buford
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Kincaid

Great American Grill
1735 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
Shelves and outsides of equipment found with residue.
Inspector: Black
Elise Perkins

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