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Lake Lanier fishing report: Striper fishing slows after dark
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Lake Temperatures are in the mid 70s. Lake Lanier continues to rise and is 1,645.2 feet or just 5.8 feet low. The lake is clear and clear to slightly stained in the creeks. The Chattahoochee River is clear. Check generation schedules before heading out to the river at 770-945-1466.

Bass fishing is hit or miss, but they are very catchable for anglers that are willing to adapt. This month tends to be a transition period for bass on Lake Lanier.

For the most part, the bass have completed the spawn. Some are still recovering, while others have fully recovered and are heavily feeding on blueback herring.

I have spoken with anglers that are catching good stringers on finesse techniques like drop shot and shaky heads. If you prefer the slower pace, then seek out productive areas and you should do quite well.

Steeper clay and rock banks in the creeks, around docks and on the main lake are all good areas to explore. If you locate brush piles in 10-to 25-feet range, then make sure to work them carefully. My Humminbird 797c side finder is a great tool for quickly locating off-shore brush piles and structure.

Fishing from the bank with Zoom Finesse Worms on a jig head has also been working OK.

If you prefer a quicker pace, then running and gunning main-lake humps and points can be very productive. The spotted bass that are eating bluebacks tend to be aggressive. Make sure to cover some water and you should eventually find active fish.

These bass will chase topwater plugs, spinner baits and other moving lures. A variety of topwater baits are working well. Some days, the fish seem to prefer SPRO Dawgs and Sammies, while other days the Super Spooks or Red Fins will produce better. Zoom Flukes, Fish Head Spins and other herring immitating baits also work well once you find the active schools.

Night fishing is very good. Work dark-colored crank baits around the main lake points with rocks or brush piles. For your best results after dark, cast your lures so they make contact with the bottom.

The striper fishing remains strong but you will need to locate the active fish to have success. Like the bass, these line sides are chasing bluebacks and they can be very aggressive. Continue to use topwater plugs early and later in the day, but some fish are exploding on these topwater plugs all day long.

Continue to fish blueback herring on a flat line or behind planner boards and keep your boat moving slowly so that the baits are presented as naturally as possible. Most people prefer to use their trolling motors as oppose to running the big engine.
Bank anglers have been catching stripers on both slip bobber rigs or weighted lines.

The striper fishing has been a little slow after dark, but these fish should be getting on the Hydra Glow bite very soon in the mouths of the creeks. Check in with Hammond’s for up to date reports on what is working best.

Crappie are moving to the deeper docks and Keith Pace, owner of Micro Spoons, has been shooting his spoons and jigs up under the docks in the river for his best results. He says this time of year can be tough, but if you can master this technique you can have decent results even during the post spawn period. Some anglers have been catching them after under lighted boat dock and under the bridges.

Trout fishing on the Chattahoochee remains decent below Buford Dam.

The trout reports will tend to sound very similar to previous weeks reports because fish are consistent this time of year. Get out early, or before dark for your most productive times. I put a canoe in on the calmer stretches of the river and use a 30-pound thrust Minn Kota to move upstream when fishing for trout.

This way I don’t wear myself out and I can float back down to where I leave my truck. It’s a peaceful way to spend the early morning hours then in the cool mist of the Chattahoochee.

Eric Aldrich is a part time outdoor writer, bass fisherman and is sponsored by Humminbird, SPRO, Gamakatsu, Tru Tungsten and Hammonds Fishing and Boat Storage. Reports are based on personal experience and permission from a close network of friends. He would love to hear from his readers so please email him at or visit his website at Remember to take a kid fishing!

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