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Lanier rowers take second at regionals
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Lake Lanier Rowing Club
medal winners
June 26-17

John Ferriss, Chuck Logg: Men’s Masters 2, Category H
Nathan Mahan, Brian Fischer: Men’s Open 2
George Justicz: Men’s Masters 1X, Category I-J
Lauren Pickens, Jim Pickens: Mixed Family 2X
Bob Spengler, Henry Kannapell, Kris Spengler, Cecily Kannapell, Nathan Mahan: Mixed Masters 4+
Bob Spengler, Kenry Kannapell: Men’s Masters 2X
John Ferriss, Chuck Logg: Men’s Masters 2X
Lauren Pickens, DeEnna Walters: Women’s Masters 2X, Category A-B
Michael Schmidt, Matthew Bain, Catalina Dunn, Amber Rewis: Mixed Junior 4X

Bob Spengler, Cliff Ward, John Ferriss, Mark Williams, Morgan Mellette, Phil Sutton, Joel Wise, Nathan Mahan: Men’s Masters 8+
Bob Spengler, Mark Williams, Kris Spengler, Cecily Kannapell, Phil Sutton, Joel Wise, Ann Marie Hynes, Jayne Berry, Holly Shilling: Mixed Masters 8+, Category E
Bob Spengler, Kris Spengler, Cecily Kannapell, Henry Kannapell: Mixed Masters 4X, Category E
Mark Williams, Jayne Berry, Joel Wise, Mary Jordan: Mixed Masters 4X, Category F
Mary Jordan, Inez Grant, Jayne Berry, Kathy Mellette: Women’s Masters 4X, Category D-E
Kris Spengler, Cecily Kannapell, Pam Piper, DeEnna Walters: Women’s Masters 4X, Category C
Holly Shilling, Amber Rewis: Women’s Junior 2X
Kris Spengler, Cecily Kannapell: Women’s Masters 2X, Category D-E
DeEnna Walters, Inez Grant, Jayne Berry, Kathy Mellette, Lauren Pickens: Women’s Masters 4+, Category D
Jim Pickens: Men’s Masters 1X, Category A
Cecily Kannapell: Women’s Masters 1X, Category E-F
Cliff Ward, Henry Kannapell, Pam Piper, Morgan Mellette, DeEnna Walters, Inez Grant, Sharon Heard, Nathan Mahan: Mixed Masters 8+, Category C
Michael Schmidt, Matthew Bain: Men’s Junior 2X
Cliff Ward, Morgan Mellette, Greg Jordan, Ted Heske: Men’s Masters 4X, Category C

Thirty-one members of Gainesville’s Lake Lanier Rowing Club participated in the U.S. Rowling’s Southeast Regional Championships in Aiken, S.C. on June 26-27.

The LLRC placed second in the overall team standings, capturing nine gold, eight silver and six bronze medals across the various events. The Southeast Regional Championships are held annually and include rowing clubs from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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