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Football: 7-AAA names All-Region team
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2008 Region 7-AAA Coaches All-Region Team 

Offensive Player of the Year: Blake Sims, Gainesville

Defensive Player of the Year: Izaan Cross, Flowery Branch

Coaching Staff of the Year: Gainesville

First team


Connor Shaw, Flowery Branch

Running back
Daniel Drummond, Flowery Branch
Ben Emert, West Forsyth
Ben Souther, Chestatee

Wide receiver
Graham Duncan, North Hall
Rodney Gibson, West Hall
T.J. Jones, Gainesville

Tight end
Chris Cannon, Johnson

Offensive line
Bucky Free, Flowery Branch
Jackson Kearns, North Hall
Dane Magnussen, West Forsyth
C.J. MacDonald, White County
Nick Williams, Gainesville

Defensive line
Sterling Bailey, East Hall
Seth Holmes, Creekview
Josh Jackson, Gainesville
Shammond Stringer, Gainesville
Tasi Suaava, White County

Phillip Gaines, Gainesville
A.J. Johnson, Gainesville
Thomas Sprague, North Hall
Nathan Teter, West Forsyth
Chase Vasser, Chestatee

Defensive backs
Jonathon Cain, Chestatee
Nathan Jones, North Hall
Chris Lipscomb, Flowery Branch
Greg Palmer, Flowery Branch

Mark Bardenwerper, White County

Scott Eichler, West Hall

Kiante Young, East Hall

Second team

Shunquez Stephens, West Hall

Running back
Avery Nix, North Hall
Mantevius Rucker, Johnson
Marquise Stephens, West Hall

Wide receiver
Justin Byers, Chestatee
Rod Frazier, Flowery Branch
Ethan Shirley, West Forsyth

Tight end
Raymond Bennett, Pickens

Offensive line
Julio Arteta, Chestatee
Hayden Grizzle, Lumpkin County
Justin Hadden, Johnson
Lafoga Tokio, White County
Chandler White, Pickens

Defensive line
Colin Hare, Creekview
Josh Owens, Johnson
Chris Rubessa, West Forsyth
Sam Weaver, North Hall

Lance Chuvala, Lumpkin County
Gilberto Espinoza, Johnson
Ryan Holmes, Creekview
Corey Richardson, East Hall
Cory Sanderson, Flowery Branch

Defensive backs
Kevin Frederick, White County
Trey Wood, West Forsyth
Chase Wideman, Creekview
Kiante Young, East Hall

Ben Ayres, Lumpkin County

Jake Dunn, North Hall

Teryan Rucker, Gainesville

Honorable mentions

Daniel Abercrombie, Lumpkin County
Lance Baker, West Forsyth
Blayne Gilmer, North Hall
Anthony Prophet, Johnson
Chantz Segraves, White County
Ethan Souther, Chestatee
Collins Wold, Creekview

Running backs
Michael Ay, Creekview
Matthew Christmas, North Hall
Imani Cross, Flowery Branch
Blake Limbaugh, White County
Ashely Lowery, White County
Devon Pierce, Gainesville
Josh Reyes, Creekview
Haden Rider, Lumpkin County
Teryan Rucker, Gainesville
Mick Shannon, Johnson
Jacob Teague, Gilmer
Alex Willingham, Pickens

Wide receivers
Jack Barclay, Creekview
Chris Bennett, Pickens
Beau DeHass, North Hall
Chad Fulton, Lumpkin County
Andrew Ivester, East Hall
Juwon Jeffries, Gainesville
Jason Klanac, West Forsyth
Chris Lipscomb, Flowery Branch
Aaron Mann, North Hall
Terrell Penland, West Hall
Justin Wright, Creekview
Rodney Young, Flowery Branch

Tight ends
Andy Cameron, West Forsyth
Derek Cantrell, Chestatee
Nick Johnson, Gainesville
Dillon Mulky, Creekview
Kyle Weatherly, West Hall
Jonathan Whitehead, Lumpkin County

Offensive linemen
Jake Andrusko, Creekview
Daniel Blitch, North Hall
Major Borders, Johnson
Tyler Brown, East Hall
Carlos Cabrera, West Hall
Jacob Couch, Gainesville
Dillon Dickerson, Creekview
Andrew English, West Hall
Nathan Hewell, North Hall
Trevor Huth, West Hall
David Jones, Chestatee
Lynx Martin, Chestatee
Nathan Miller, West Hall
Michael Parr, Chestatee
Nathan Riddle, Creekview
Will Rutland, West Forsyth
Josh Scott, Lumpkin County
Taylor Stowe, Gainesville
Sloan Strickland, Gainesville
Austin Todd, Flowery Branch
Michael Waters, Gainesville
Bart Westmoreland, White County

Defensive linemen
Ross Biggers, North Hall
Chaz Cheeks, East Hall
Ben Clark, Flowery Branch
Alex Dege, Lumpkin County
Dustin Gayton, West Forsyth
Tyler Hamilton, White County
Dylan Lewis, White County
Jose Magana, Lumpkin County
Andrew Razo, West Forsyth
J.T. Reed, West Hall
Kyle Weatherly, West Hall

Brock Boleman, Gainesville
Gage Brown, West Hall
Joe Carnanoli, West Forsyth
David DeLeon, Flowery Branch
Adam Hooper, White County
Ishmael Nuckles, West Hall
Brett Larson, Pickens
Jake McClure, Lumpkin County
Sawyer Pettit, Gilmer
Robbie Poole, Chestatee
Brandon Roberts, Lumpkin County
Jerry Rodriguez, East Hall
Alberto Sanabria, Gainesville
Cam Segraves, White County
Peyton Wilhoite, North Hall
Jeremy Wilkins, Chestatee

Defensive backs
Jake Barclay, Creekview
Travis Clement, West Hall
Beau DeHass, North Hall
Graham Duncan, North Hall
Xavier Ervin, Gainesville
Kenya Jackson, Gainesville
Robert Jones, White County
Rusty Juneau, West Forsyth
Marcellous Moon, East Hall
Terrell Penland, West Hall
Ryan Porter, Lumpkin County
Joe Rigdon, Gilmer
Caleb Stewart, West Hall
Tevin Yarbrough, Gainesville

Jake Dunn, North Hall
Zach Mills, Chestatee
Will Monday, Flowery Branch
David Rooney, West Forsyth
Gonzalo Soloria, Pickens

Ben Ayres, Lumpkin County
Will Monday, Flowery Branch
Christian Romero, East Hall

Graham Duncan, North Hall
Robert Humphrey, Gainesville
Mick Shannon, Johnson
Ben Souther, Chestatee

Achievement awards

Scholar athletes
Spenser Gruenenfelder, Chestatee
Cade Creech, Creekview
Jerry Rodriguez, East Hall
Mike Young, Flowery Branch
Brock Boleman, Gainesville
Drew Berthold, Gilmer
Brett Bellamy, Johnson
Kyle Bellamy, Johnson
Chris Guthrie, Lumpkin County
Aaron Mann, North Hall
Jesse Cantrell, Pickens
Will Rutland, West Forsyth
Chantz Segraves, White County
Caleb Stewart, West Hall

Team loyalty
Andy Etris, Chestatee
Taylor Nicholson, Creekview
Cameron Miller, East Hall
David DeLeon, Flowery Branch
Austin Calvert, Gainesville
Joe Rigdon, Gilmer
Major Borders, Johnson
Micah Davis, Lumpkin County
Blayne Gilmer, North Hall
Micah McCoy, Pickens
Lance Baker, West Forsyth
Robert Jones, White County
Terell Penland, West Hall

The coaching staff of Gainesville High’s football team was named Region 7-AAA Coaching Staff of the Year by the coaches from Region 7-AAA.

Red Elephants coach Bruce Miller and his staff were honored for a season that included the Region 7-AAA title, undefeated regular season and trip to the state quarterfinals. It was Gainesville’s first region title since 2005.

“We’ve got a bunch of hard-working guys that were willing sacrifice to put the team first,” Red Elephants coach Bruce Miller said. “They’re all excellent football coaches.”

Gainesville junior quarterback Blake Sims was named Offensive Player of the Year. The Red Elephants’ quarterback was a big part of their success in averaging 37 points per game. He completed 65 percent pass completion rate for 2,453 yards and 24 touchdowns along with 822 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns on 117 carries.

“Blake did a great job on offense,” Miller said. “He stepped in, took control of the offense and did a very good job of leading us.”

Flowery Branch senior defensive end Izaan Cross was named Region 7-AAA Defensive Player of the Year. He was an anchor for the Falcons’ defense that allowed only 14 points per game.

Gainesville wide receiver T.J. Jones (979 yards and 12 touchdowns on 81 receptions) and offensive lineman Nick Williams were also named first team selections.

Gainesville’s defense, which allowed a region-low 12 points per game, was also honored with four first-team selections, including defensive ends Josh Jackson (99 tackles, 16 sacks) Shammond Stringer (70 tackles, five sacks) and linebackers Phillip Gaines (139 tackles) and A.J. Johnson (160 tackles).

Teryan Rucker represents the Red Elephants as second-team return specialist.

Other Flowery Branch players that earned first-team honors were quarterback Connor Shaw (58 percent comp. pct., 2,146 yards, 22 touchdowns), running back Daniel Drummond (1,123 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns on 127 carries), right tackle Bucky Free and defensive backs Chris Lipscomb (five interceptions) and Greg Palmer (four interceptions).

Flowery Branch’s second-team selections are wide receiver Rod Frazier and linebacker Cory Sanderson.

North Hall also has four first-team selections, including wide receiver Graham Duncan (402 yards and seven TD on 24 receptions), offensive lineman Jackson Kearns, linebacker Thomas Sprague (173 tackles) and defensive back Nathan Jones. Running back Avery Nix, defensive lineman Sam Weaver and punter Jake Dunn represented the Trojans on the second team.

Chestatee has three first-team players, including linebacker Chase Vasser (135 tackles), running back Ben Souther (1,563 yards and 18 touchdowns on 195 carries) and defensive end Jonathan Cain (114 tackles). War Eagle offensive lineman Julio Arteta and wide receiver Justin Byers were selected to the second team.

West Hall wide receiver Rodney Gibson (889 yards and nine touchdowns on 61 receptions) and punter Scott Eichler (37.6 yards per punt) were selected to the first team. Sophomore quarterback Shunquez Stephens and his brother, senior running back Marquise Stephens, were both named to the second team.

White County’s first-team selections include offensive lineman C.J. McDonald, defensive tackle Tasi Suaava (84 tackles, six sack) and kicker Mark Bardenwerper (6-for-6 field goal attempts, 20 touchbacks). Lafoga Tokio and Kevin Frederick were named to the second team for the Warriors.

Johnson tight end Chris Cannon (568 yards on 37 receptions) and East Hall defensive lineman Sterling Bailey and return specialist Kiante Young also made first team. Young and linebacker Corey Richardson were selected to second team for the defense. Running back Mantevius Rucker, offensive lineman Justin Hadden, defensive lineman Josh Owens and linebacker Gilberto Espinoza represented the Knights on the second team.

Other first-team selections include Ben Emert, Dane Magnussen and Nathan Teter of West Forsyth and Seth Holmes of Creekview. Second-team selections include Ethan Shirley, Trey Wood and Chris Rubessa of West Forsyth, Raymond Bennett and Chandler White of Pickens, Hayden Grizzle, Ben Ayres and Lance Chuvala of Lumpkin County and Ryan Holmes and Chase Wideman of Creekview.
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