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Flowery Branch cheerleader is 3-time All-American
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Flowery Branch senior Forrest Ann Anderson is not the average cheerleader. She cheers on the Falcons’ varsity competition and spirit quads, works with younger cheerleaders at camps, has a GPA higher than 4.0, and was recently named a Universal Cheerleader’s Association All-American cheerleader in competition and spirit for the third year in a row.

Anderson was the only cheerleader selected from her competition team at camp this year and the only cheerleader selected from the camp in the spirit category, and she has only been cheering for five years.

She started out as a gymnast when she was a child but decided to begin cheerleading in middle school.

“I kind of didn’t want to do gymnastics anymore, and cheerleading was kind of the same thing,” Anderson said. “I still get to tumble.”

When she made the squad in high school, competition coach Denise Ramsey could see that Anderson had a high skill level.

“She has always had the tumbling, but she has matured into her performance,” Ramsey said.

Even with her tumbling background, however, Anderson said she wasn’t sure she wanted to try out when she had the chance as a sophomore, but she said her coaches and her family supported her, and she decided to take the chance.

“First I just wanted to tryout to see if I could make it and I wanted to try out again the next year to see if I could do it two years in a row,” Anderson said, “I was really excited because it was my first year trying out, and a bunch of girls from my team tried out, and I was one of the only ones that made it.”

During the UCA tryouts, cheerleaders have to do a predetermined cheer and dance in small groups and then have a chance to show off their tumbling skills individually.

When Anderson tried out the third time, she wasn’t just aiming to see if she could do it three years in a row. Now, Anderson gets other benefits from being a senior and an All-American.

“This year, I tried out so I could go on the trip to London to cheer in the New Year’s parade there,” she said.

No matter how many times she has tried out and made it, Anderson said she still get nervous before the tryout.

“It’s not just the judges watching you,” she said, “It’s everybody from camp watching you tryout. You only get one chance.”

She also said she gets just as excited as the first time when she finds out that she is an All-American once again.

Ramsey said that the girls who become UCA All-Americans have a different appearance when they perform than those who don’t get selected.

“Usually you can see a distinction between the girls that just have it,” she said. “They kind of have a collegiate look to them.”

Ramsey feels that Anderson has that collegiate look, even if she isn’t one of the most outspoken girls on the team.

“She’s quiet,” Ramsey said. “She’s not a real talkative girl, but when its time to cheer, it’s full out. She’s fun to watch.”

Although Anderson has the “collegiate look,” she isn’t completely sure if she will continue cheering in college.

“I think it depends on where I go, but I’m leaning towards yes,” she said.

She has attended some college cheer clinics to help make her decision, but one school in particular sticks out in her mind.

“If I get into UGA, I would really like to go there,” Anderson said.

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