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Northeast Georgia lifters perform well at Georgia Games weightlifting meet
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Northeast Georgia lifters led the way in the 25th Anniversary Georgia Games powerlifting competition held Saturday at The Iron Beast Gym in Gainesville. It was the fifth straight year for the Iron Beast to host the Games, but the first at their new location on Grove Street.

Helen’s Robert Morrison, who trains at the Iron Beast, paced the fullpower (squat, bench press and deadlift) field with the heaviest squat, deadlift and total for the day.

Lifting in the Men’s Open Raw 275-pound weight class. Morrison squatted 565.5 pounds, bench pressed 321.5 and deadlifted 615.5, for a total of 1,504.5.

Georgia IronDawg teammates George Bradley, of Gainesville, and R. Garry Glenn, of Oakwood, took gold in their respective bench-only categories. Bradley lifted in the Equipped Master’s Men’s 148 pound, 55-59-year old class and pressed 226.5.

Glenn lifted in the Raw Master’s Men’s 60-64 year old 220 pound class at a bodyweight of 204.5. He lifted 331.5.

“I think that’s an age-group PR (personal record),” said Glenn, the team captain of the IronDawgs. “I don’t remember doing any better since I turned 60. I was very happy with that today.”

Both Bradley and Glenn are coming off National Championship performances just three weeks ago at the American Powerlifting Committee Nationals in Athens.

Bradley won another benchpress championship, and Glenn claimed his first national title in the combination push/pull (bench and deadlift) category. Glenn set push/pull world records in the bench and total and established an American record in the deadlift at the APC meet.

“I decided to just bench press today,” Glenn said. “George and I are long-time supporters of the Georgia Games. We’ve lifted in most of them over the years and we’re happy to help support them.”

Glenn’s press was the second-heaviest bench of the day. Brookhaven’s Igor Rudik in the Men’s Open 275-and-over raw fullpower weight class pressed 356.5 on his way to a 1,229.5 pound total.

Also in bench-only, Helen’s Thaddeus DiPasquale won the raw men’s open 165’s gold with a press of 316.5. Clarence Smith, of Cleveland, took first in the raw master’s men’s 70-74 242-pound class with his lift of 246.5.

The fullpower meet featured two husband/wife teams. Atlanta’s Christy and Martin Deen won the raw women’s open 198+ and raw master men’s 40-44 220-pound class with their totals of 754.5 and 849.5 respectively. Christy Deen’s was the heaviest total weight lifted for any of the women’s divisions.

Marietta’s Rylee and Jered Johnson won the raw women’s open 165-pound class and the men’s raw open 181-pound class with totals of 689.5 and 1,244.5 respectively.

The meet’s morning session featured competition from the Abilities Unlimited Special Olympians out of Savannah.

Leading the way for that group was Chuck Ries in the raw 275-pound class with a push/pull total of 605 (230-bench; 375 deadlift).

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