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Local powerlifting team takes first overall at national championships
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The Georgia IronDawgs, a Gainesville-based powerlifting team, won first place in the 2013 American Powerlifting Committee National Championships on Sunday in Athens.

Logan Herford of Oakwood led the IronDawgs, recording the best body weight to weight score while winning the Open Best Lifter Award in Sunday’s fullpower division. The 157.19-pound 19-year-old lifted over 10 times his body weight, totaling 1,598.34 pounds between the squat, the bench press and the deadlift. He recorded world records in his division in all three disciplines, including a 606.27-pound squat on a non-scoring fourth attempt. He bench pressed 374.78 pounds and deadlifted 633.82 pounds on his second attempt.

Steve Kylis also set world records for all three lifts in the Men’s Raw 198.41-pound 60-64 year-old division with a squat of 462.97 pounds, a bench press of 330.69 pounds and a deadlift of 529.1 pounds. He finished third in the Master’s Men’s Best Lifter standings.

Tony Braswell had the IronDawgs’ heaviest total of the day with 1,967.61 pounds to win the Men’s Open Equipped 308.64-pound class. Shaina Gonzalez Haymore, Tyler Cummings and Dwon Johnson also won their classes, giving the team six first-place finishes among its six designated starters. 

Mark Driggers placed second in the Master’s Best Lifter category with a national title in the Men’s Master’s 40-44 year-old 90-kilogram weight class with a total of 1,818 pounds. John Rowland won the Master’s Best Lifter award by notching a world-record total of 1,669 pounds in the unequipped 40-44 year-old 90-kilogram weight class. He picked up division world records in the squat (661.38 pounds), bench press (396.83 pounds) and deadlift (633.82 pounds).

Kevin Eubanks won a national title in the Open 90-kilogram Equipped class with a total of 1,466 pounds, while Andy Williamson won the Raw Men’s Master’s 45-49 year-old 242.51-pound weight class with a total of 1,234.58 pounds.

Chris McCann of Flowery Branch racked up 1,851.86 pounds to win the Open Equipped 275.58-pound weight class.

Lifting unattached, Kenny Nix set world records and won the Men’s Master’s Raw 50-54 year-old 90-kilogram class with a 1,074.74-pound total. He had records on fourth attempts in the bench press (271.17 pounds) and the deadlift (469.58 pounds).

Willie Vinson won a national title in the Raw Men’s Master’s 70-74 year-old 181.88-pound division with a total of 496.04 pounds. Jon Lampe won the Raw Men’s Master’s 45-49 year-old 125-kilogram division with a total of 1,548.73 pounds.

Joe Gonzalez took first in the Men’s Master’s 65-69 Equipped 220.46-pound weight class with a total of 1,135.37 pounds. On a fourth attempt, he pulled a world-record 440.92 pounds.

Hunter McClesky set a national record in the bench press with a press of 435.41 on his way to the Raw Open 220.46-pound title. His overall total was 1,523.39 pounds. 

Johnson had the heaviest squat of the meet, earning a Best Lifter Award in the process.

The national championships served as a qualifier for the International Powerlifting Organization’s Equipped Worlds meet in October, and December’s Global Powerlifting Alliance Raw Worlds meet in Finland.

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