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Local lifters excel at American Powerlifting Committee National Championships
Tim Moon helps Gainesville's Georgia IronDawgs defend team bench press title
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Several area competitors, many representing Gainesville’s Georgia IronDawgs, broke records and claimed national titles during the two-day American Powerlifting Committee National Championships at the Iron Beast Gym in Gainesville.

The IronDawgs defended their team bench press title Sunday thanks in part to a huge showing from Gainesville resident Tim Moon, who pushed 771.6 pounds in the equipped Master’s Men’s 50-to-54-year-old class. Moon, who holds the all-association world record with a mark of 821 pounds, received the Best Lifter trophy for men’s bench press.

Gainesville resident Robert Morrison’s combined lifts totaled more than a ton, and he set national records in the raw sub-master’s 35-to-40-year-old class with a fullpower squat of 793.7 pounds and a total of 2,074.5 pounds.

His deadlift of 851 pounds was good for a world record in four different categories, helping him earn the Best Lifter trophy in the men’s fullpower classes.

Buford resident Zachary Patton also impressed Sunday, winning his raw teenage class with a total of 1,554.2 pounds that included a world-record deadlift of 468.5 pounds.

Saturday belonged to Valerie Smith of Flowery Branch, who captured three gold medals and Best Lifter recognition on the event’s opening day. She set raw Master’s National records in the fullpower squat (275.6 pounds), bench press (177.5) and total (811.3) pounds, while her 358.2-pound deadlift was enough for one of her three golds.

Mount Airy’s Joey Murphy won a national championship for the IronDawgs in the Master’s Men’s division with a national record raw press of 402.3 pounds. He also produced a state record equipped lift of 573.2 pounds. R. Garry Glenn of Oakwood, meanwhile, took home his 10th national championship in bench press with a mark of 308.6 pounds in the raw Master’s Men’s class for 60-to-64-year-olds.

Other national champions for the Gainesville-based team were Russ and Dana Tripp, Kendall Dean and local competitor George Bradley.

Jerry Crow of Flowery Branch turned out a world record and won the raw Master’s Men’s class with a push/pull (bench press and deadlift) total of 639.3 pounds.

Gainesville’s Jordan Henderson placed second in the Open 90 K Division push/pull competition, totaling 589.7 pounds.

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