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Your Views: Why don't we hear more about gun owners' victories?
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Why is it we seldom hear of occasions when licensed gun owners heroically protect themselves or their loved ones from harm? With millions of self protection guns being carried, there must be many licensed owners who do just that, protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why do we rarely, if ever, see or hear about these heroes who have protected themselves or their loved ones with a handgun?

Almost daily there are reports of adults or children being shot accidentally or shot in the commission of a crime. There has to be a reason there are no reports on the reduction of crime through the use of licensed carried guns. Being armed through ownership far outweighs these occurrences.

There are millions of guns sold each year for self and family protection. With the abundance of licensed proctors with guns handy or carried on their person, there must be lots of positive stories. Why are media folk more than ready to carry stories about victims of a shooting but rarely carry reports about crimes thwarted by a hero with his handy weapon?

The framers of the U.S. Constitution gave each state the right to have an armed militia. Our citizens have literally formed an informal militia on their own. Armed with guns instead of rifles, they are fighting back at the bad guys. There must be victories. Why don't we hear about the victories of the good guys?

The gun carrying is working. Isn't it?

Lee S. Bowers