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Your Views: Who in US politics is looking after Americas best interests?
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Given the political landscape of our day, I am wondering, Just who is looking out for America's best interest.

The recent TSA policies indicate to me that those making decisions are far too concerned about everyone else's interest rather than what is best for America.

The point is simple. We don't have a 100 percent guarantee that this great nation will always be great. America has risen to be the greatest nation among nations because of hard work, love of liberty, fair-mindedness, citizen sacrifice and religious freedom.

But who is looking out for America now?

The new TSA policies are symptoms of a larger problem. America's best interests are not a priority.

It is time to put America's interest first. Here is where I would start. I would say:

To Muslims: If you want to live under Islamic Sharia law anywhere in America, it would be best if you leave now.

To any immigrant: You must adapt to America's values. Learn English first. Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other languages would be best as your second language.

To atheists and radical leftists: Most Americans believe in God. Also, it is a fact that Christian men and women, governed by Christian principles, founded this nation. We have the documents to prove it. We will display our Christian heritage on the walls of Congress and on the walls of buildings our tax dollars build.

And by the way, if God offends you, maybe you should consider living somewhere else. Go find a culture where God is not a part, because he for sure is here.

Putting America first would require saying to all newcomers we will accept you; you may have different beliefs. However, you must accept that we have certain beliefs as well. You must live in harmony and peace with us.

Make no mistake, this is our country, our land and our lifestyle, and while it is the American way, to allow others every opportunity to enjoy the bounty of this land. It is time to stop with your complaining, whining and griping about our flag, our Pledge of Allegiance, our Christian beliefs, our support of Israel, our displays at Christmas and the love we have for Veterans who fought and died in war protecting the rights you desire. Remember, you always have the American right to leave.

Tom Smiley