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Your Views: What qualifies as excessive wealth is in eyes of beholders
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I am a strong believer in the common good. When coupled with virtue and reason, it offers a sound basis for decision making.

Furthermore, the common good does not prove difficult to determine. Insights on social problems versus individual interests have been offered by thinkers from Aristotle to John Rawls. In essence, striving for conditions of social life that allow groups and individuals access to their own fulfillment will enable the common good.

What does defy understanding is specifically how the corporate greed, the abuse of power and the excesses of the super rich endanger the common good. On the positive side, where would our society and individuals be without the ambition, desire and sacrifice of entrepreneurs?

And who is to determine abuse on the part of another group or individual? We have laws in place to deal with any purported offenses, provided the appropriate, duly elected or chosen officials take ethical action.

Finally who is to determine excess on the part of another? Perhaps the negative connotation ascribed to excess by success may be found mostly in the hearts of socialistic leaning liberals who seek to spread the wealth.

Bill Early


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