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Your Views: US administration is arrogant, corrupt and out of touch
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The Democrats have been attempting to steer the ship of state for over a year now and it seems it is going to suffer the same fate as the Titanic unless their navigator (Mr. Obama) plots a different course.

I have tried to determine what they have done to benefit the country but have only come up with this very obvious fact: It is all about them. They have only compounded our problems. Everything they have done or plan to do is the opposite of what should or could have been done.

Their approach resembles the situation where you stumble upon a person lying unconscious on the side of the road and your reaction to giving aid is to hit him between the eyes with a hammer to see if he is still alive. This is the Dems’ mindset. If the economy twitches, blinks or appears to display any signs of recovery or life, they knock it in the head with money for clunkers, GM (Government Motors) bailout, cap and tax, Obama control care, more ways to tax the job creators and checks to the dead, for a short list.

Obama’s arrogance is only exceeded by his ego. When he is referred to as commander in chief, he seems to swell up like a big bullfrog. I think there are several other titles that suit him much better. How about "commander in thief?" He and his cronies are stealing our financial security and not only ours but our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. We are being enslaved by debt as far as the eye can see.

How about "commander in deceit?" They have nationalized Chicago politics with closed-door deals, using taxpayers’ money for bribes, i.e., the $300 million Louisiana Purchase, big labor payoffs, shelling corn for big Ben Nelson, stimulus flush fund and other sleazy deals the light of day will reveal.

How about "commander in freaks?" Take a look at the character of his staff, czars and Cabinet members. They run the spectrum of rogues: liars, tax cheats, radicals, population controllers (unrestricted abortion), dictator lovers, terrorist sympathizers, communists, socialists, etc.

There are numerous things about this administration that play havoc with my blood pressure. One of the foremost is the arrogant disregard for the Constitution. They have more respect for a role of Charmin.

However, I must give Mr. Obama kudos for some success. He failed to get the Olympics for Illinois but he is going to bring it the Gitmo gangsters and all those cushy jobs coddling cold-blooded killers. I know the good people of Illinois will sleep much better now. (This bunch is as about as connected with the people as is the east with the west.)

The Obama administration is gushing with corruption and a condescending contempt for the working class who it professes to be their advocate. However, the people of Massachusetts have sent a strong and unmistakable message. Back off: We are not as stupid as you think! The question is will they heed it?

"Let me be clear," the shame of this administration "is something you can believe in."

Gary Gambrell

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