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Your Views: True fairness should be tied to upholding our Constitution
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Kudos to Tom Smiley for his letter of Jan. 19. His view is right in line with mine. I cannot, for the life of me, understand what the left is thinking when they call for a ban on guns.

I read an interview conducted with convicted criminals who were in prison, and one of the questions asked of all of them was "What do you fear most in the profession you have chosen?" The unanimous answer was "an armed citizen." I wonder how many people remember the law passed by the city of Kennesaw that required every city resident to have a firearm in their house? I was told the crime rate dropped dramatically the following year.

I saw a sign many years ago, about the time the gun grabbers began their infringement on our second amendment right to bear arms, that read: "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns." Truer words have never been spoken.

Banning or "controlling" the sale of guns will only drive up the price, and the "bad guys (and gals) will still have guns. Our Founding Fathers realized this and put the Second Amendment into the Constitution. Any judge with half a lick of sense will realize that it is the right of every mentally stable American to own a gun.

The left is trying hard to portray the right as cruel and insensitive because we believe in our Constitution just as the Founding Fathers wrote it. They can't get into talk radio because their vitriol doesn't draw sponsors nor listeners so they try to infringe on our right by saying talk radio is unfair and demand equal time on conservative programs. Free, of course. And they call this the "fairness doctrine?" Horse feathers!

They don't seem to care much about fairness - witness the so-called health care bill they rammed through Congress without any conservative input. Was that fair? Of course not. If my source of information is correct, not one Republican was allowed to see the bill before Obama signed it.

Conservatives who love America, run, don't walk, to the registrar and register to vote. In two short years we'll have an opportunity to oust these scoundrels. Please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

Bethel Midgett