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Your Views: Theres no way to justify mosque at Ground Zero
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After reading the wonderful column "Stop the sacrilege at Ground Zero" by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post Writers Group (Sunday's Opinion), I felt compelled to further denounce the construction of the proposed mosque and Islamic Center and everyone condoning it.

Such a structure would provide a perfect place for the proliferation of a whole new crop of Islamic radicals who would not only excuse and celebrate 9/11 but plot and carry out further terroristic atrocities in the U.S., just as the Virginia mosque produced two of the 9/11 terrorists, all within a stone's throw of the hallowed ground.

Why do we not deport these people from this country and bar the future entry of all Muslims, since it is not the ones we are fighting futilely in the Mideast but the ones here and those continuing to enter that are threatening U.S. security? We should get out of the Mideast and let those idiots continue to kill each other as they always have and always will.

One reason extremist Muslims hate us so is our condoning of Israeli acquisition of Palestinian lands, and our subsidization of Israel's warfare against the Palestinians. Again, we should let the people in the Mideast handle their own ethnic- and religious-based differences.

I was completely aghast at hearing that, on Friday, President Barack Obama forcefully endorsed the mosque project also backed by New York Mayor Bloomberg. How uncaring and un-American can these top officials get?
The majority of us Americans are against this proposed atrocity and we must prevail.

Jim Scharnagel

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