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Your views: Read Across America Week was successful throughout the area
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On behalf of the Hall County Education Association, I would like to extend hearty thanks to all who helped to make Read Across America Week a huge success here in Hall County.

Commendations are in order for The Times’ coverage of the event; The Hall County Board of Commissioners for very kindly proclaiming the week at its Feb. 28 meeting; the Gainesville High School drama department for "Seussical the Musical;" and to all the teachers, parents, and citizens who took time out to read to a child.

We encourage folks to not let reading to children stop with this week.

Steve Wang

President, Hall County Education Association, Gainesville

Sidewalk makes city travel much safer

A resident of Windcliff Apartments would like to say a special thank you to the director of public works, Adrian Niles, and Gainesville City Councilman Bob Hambrick for all the hard work that was done to help the residents of Windcliff Apartments on Gabriel Circle off of Kids Way to have a safe sidewalk to travel to area stores either by riding handicap scooters or walking.

Kids Way is very heavily traveled, and many residents from the apartments use their scooters and walk to the store. By having this sidewalk, it has given us so much peace of mind and security.

We are also thankful to have the bus stop for the Red Rabbit that was built close to the entrance of the complex. The apartments are located off Limestone Parkway and are for the handicapped, disabled and ages 62 and older.

Thank you again for a job well done. It is very much appreciated.

Bobby Jones


Do school buses need to pick up everyone?

I grew up going to school in the 1960s, so I know my idea is going to be radical. Back then, if you lived less than two miles from the school, you did not get to ride a bus. You either walked or your parents took you.

I live less than 1 mile from an elementary school where children get picked up for school. Has the county ever thought of saving money by offering services to fewer people?

Parents are willing to drive their kids to ball practices, ballet lessons and everything else. Why not to school?

Violet Henson