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Your views: Praying to God for rain is not a waste or a farce
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I would please like to comment about the letter headlined "Prayer for rain was a farce with no effect" (Dec. 6). It hit my heart very hard. I never consider any prayers to God a waste or a farce.

People may not want to acknowledge the fact that we are desperate for rain, and we need to pray without ceasing for rain to be released in our area and all of the states that are suffering. I am the widow of a godly pastor, and I would never call people’s prayers for rain a farce unless they were not praying to God in heaven.

If anyone would want to read I Kings 17 and 18, they would see that Elijah the prophet proclaimed there would be a drought, and it was not until he lifted the prophecy in I Kings 18 that the rain fell. He saw a cloud the size of a fist after his servant looked seven times for a cloud, and then it became dark and windy and the rain came.

I have pictures of the lakes on my kitchen door to remind me to pray. Every time it rains, I go outside and ask the Lord for abundant rain. A cold front certainly will bring rain, but God can also bring rain through prayer. I have been serving the Lord a long time, and I have seen His hand move many times for our state, our personal home, our country, and I know God’s hand is not short. If people want to see the miracle rain come, they need to repent first of all and then pray.

I know you possibly won’t print this because I have spoken so strongly about God, but I am never afraid of the truth and I know that America needs to come to their knees or there will be more and more catastrophic things come to pass. This letter spoke as though a cold front is the only hope we have in our area. My hope is in the Lord.

Wanda J. Kuehn


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