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Your Views: Pleasures of now can take away from others future
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The good news is that every day we find new ways to preserve and enrich our lives: new medical procedures to repair vital organs, to cure diseases or to control or delay destruction of human life, DNA tests to make medical treatment custom-designed for each person. Life expectancy is to increase year after year.

In addition, our opportunity for enjoyment of life increases daily, with high-definition TV, iPod, iPhone, computer systems, car navigational systems, telecasts of every sport, every game and quick affordable travel to every location to visit family members or to vacation.

We will live longer in a world full of pleasures, opportunities and unlimited wealth with more leisure time and multiple ways to enjoy it.

The problem is, will this earth permit us to abuse and destroy the environment that we need in order to enjoy our lives?

Global warming is not science fiction. Imagine life in a large capsule or tube. The bottom of the tube has clean air, trillions of trees, grass, warm beaches, cold arctic ice, large seas, deep lakes, large pools of oil and large pools of water above and below. Now look at the top of that tube: poisonous gases clouding the Earth's system. The Earth's arteries need a stent, yet there are no doctors to take care of the problem.

Economics and the capitalist systems drive and push our society to create a better life for the people: making money by improving the human condition, selling everything the consumers need, and satisfying the greed and the appetite for living the great life. I'm one, and it's great.

The problem is that it's difficult to make money by helping or improving the Earth. People reading this are not at risk. As another wiser than I said, "We are not spending our parents' inheritance; we are borrowing our children's future."

The pollutants are increasing. We are soiling our nest. The trees are being cut, the oil is being pistoned out and we know what's happening to the water. In short, very few are committed to invest in a stranger's tomorrow.

In short, our society and our world is for now, and that's great for now, but it's difficult to find someone who makes us care about someone' else's tomorrow, mainly because it will take money and pleasure away from today.

Troy R. Millikan

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