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Your Views: Palin was picked for the right reasons
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Well, I'm sorry to say that Joan King has stubbed her toe yet again when it comes to the election of president. Her column Tuesday stated that John McCain chose a woman as a running mate for the wrong reason. I beg to differ. I believe that Sarah Palin was chosen for all the right reasons, a remarkable feat in this day and age of politics.

Mrs. King, like most of the far left wing of the Democratic party, seems to actually be so scared of a real leader and agent of change and reform that she must resort to name-calling. Rather than using labels like anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and anti-evolution, how about pro-life, pro-family and a belief that creationism is a theory that does not conflict with the theory of evolution.

What Mrs. King fails to understand is that the issues of abortion, marriage and education are determined in the legislative and judicial branches of our government. No matter what Palin's personal beliefs are, and I applaud her courage in stating them, she will not be able to change the laws of the land as they now stand without action from the other two branches of government.

So Mrs. King says she and millions of others will turn to Barack Obama, even though she admits she has no clue of either how or if he can actually govern. She just thinks he makes a good speech. Well, hurrah for him.

Palin has proven that she can both ably lead and govern. Her qualifications to lead this country are far superior to Barack's in that she has led the largest state in the country and done a magnificent job of fostering bipartisan support in her state legislature. She has actually brought about change in politics as usual in her home state rather than just make a speech about it. Her values and moral fiber actually reflect the majority of sentiments in this great country rather than pandering to the urban elite.

I applaud John McCain's choice of a running mate. Contrary to Mrs. King's opinion, I think he made a choice for all the right reasons. The fact that she is a woman is just gravy on the biscuit.

Johnny Johnson