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Your Views: Only Democrats can stop Obamas radical left agenda
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We need help from common-sense Democrats. Here is why.

The Democrats have, over the past century, put at least seven of the 10 points of the Communist Manifesto into law for the U.S. Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are now hard at work on the remaining three.

Communism is at war with America and has been since about 1850. Mostly, the war is about religion. The U.S. is the only nation ever founded on Christian thought and practice, like the Pilgrims and their traditional Christian ethics. By contrast, communists are mostly atheists, often radically so.

Now, the Communist Party in the U.S. thinks it can get it all.

Here is what the Communist Party says about President Barack Obama in their 2010 Convention notice: "The election of President Barack Obama and ending Republican majority rule in the House and Senate has opened many padlocked doors."

Well, they got that right, at the moment. And, they think, so much for your traditional American thinking. The CPUSA will try to force Americans to "think leftist," just as soon as it can get control of those stubborn Southern Baptists and their friends.

They are close. They already have Jimmy Carter and his Baptist friends. They might be able to do it. Leftists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama support all of the communist agenda. Every bit of it.

So does this mean that the Obama administration is an anti-American insurgency aiming to take over the U.S.? I think, yes.

Consider the new budget, which the administration has designed to have trillion-dollar deficits every year for a decade. By that time, the U.S. will verge on bankruptcy, with interest rates in double digits, unemployment twice what it is now, gold worth $10,000 per ounce (if still legal), gasoline $12 per gallon, inflating electrical costs doubling every year or three and maybe even rationed (except for Al Gore, etc.), and our military's ability to defend against aggression by China, Russia or Iran about an inch tall.

To prevent this, common-sense American Democrats must come to the fore. That is, Democrats who oppose the Obama administration's radical communist agenda and the Pelosi-Reid socialist legislation must stop this takeover, this year.

Americans need to pray for and telephone these embattled common-sense Democrats in Congress. They are few, and they are mostly new. They may be the "last best hope" we have today, to keep a relatively free America.

We voters also need to stop the insurgency. That means, always vote against leftism. That is a start.

WT "Ted" Hinds

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