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Your Views: Officials have lost publics trust
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Trust is the issue. The Times hit the nail on the head in its June 29 editorial that said that some elected officials had violated the public trust. They sure have!

It's no wonder that a lot of voters mistrust politicians, period. We see story after story that raises questions about competence or ethics.

Voters need to think about this in the July 15 primary and beyond. We need officials that we can trust, men and women who are competent and committed to doing the right thing.

Randy Smith

Marriage counseling a key to avoiding divorce
In July 2005, the Georgia legislature passed a law that allowed couples seeking marriage to receive six hours of appropriate marriage counseling from their pastor or other qualified counselors and be exempt for paying for their license.

With divorce now reaching more than 50 percent of all marriages, this is a good incentive.

Please let me encourage all readers who are contemplating marriage to go to their pastor, rabbi or counselor and seek premarital counseling. While this may not guarantee the success of their marriage, it will certainly help.

For more information, they can contact the office of the probate court right here in Hall County.

Dr. Michael H. Reynolds
Senior Pastor, Air Line Baptist Church, Gainesville

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