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Your Views: Obamas stress isnt that great
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In response to Barbara Bryan’s letter on Monday: I do not think one is shortsighted and rude when one disagrees with the socialism that is being forced in our country by President Barack Obama and his administration and Congress.

The president knows he will have much stress, as does any other leader of a country. Obama is changing our country, but it is not for the better. Our Constitution is not being adhered to at all and all the statists in office are literally wrecking this country with trying to force government health care, cap and trade and higher taxes.

Most of us, when we get too much debt or lose a job, cut back on expenses, and try to live with less. This president and all his czars, etc, want to spend more, dictate how we are to live and tax us more.

I do not think Obama is qualified to be our president, and I sure do not think he is very stressed. He has made many trips in the year than he has been president. He has spent more money, our tax dollars, and he does not seem to even care about the outcome of our country. He cares more about his ideals and not what is American ideals. I really do not see him working hard, except to keep his image and reputation the way he wants it. I hope he changes ideals and then he would get more respect.

Until he is more interested in protecting America, keeping Gitmo open for the terrorists, stop spending our grandchildren’s dollars, and quit running America down, I will not be able to give him a break.

Mary Kirves

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