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Your Views: Obamas idea of change is more power, less freedom
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Time for a reality check on how the Democrats are remolding America. Are you happy with the results so far and the future as they invoke their change? This is change I can do without; I want my America back.

By the way, if you don’t support the Obama plan, you’re un-American, a hostile, astroturf, for-hire mob, but we’re pussycats compared to Code Pink, ACORN and unions.

These past months, we’ve seen the mask come off of our Democrat leaders as they verbally assault everyday Americans and it’s not pretty. They’re not for America as we are; no, they’re out for political power at our expense and freedoms.

Recently, it was reported by ABC News that the government report on Obama jobs created and or saved with the $787 billion stimulus is false. Are there some in mainstream media that finally understand they’re lying to us?

This is not job stimulus you can believe in. But now we have to ask: where is the money? Is it going to a Democrat slush fund or just highway signs telling us that our stimulus money is working?

Are you being tricked into believing President Barack Obama cares about the creation of jobs? Taxpayers know it could have been done without the huge debt of the stimulus funds. All he had to do was give out tax credits to businesses hiring and cut payroll taxes for everyone. Now that would have stimulated jobs and funds to Washington, too.

I thought it was the Obama Administration’s No. 1 goal to focus on jobs and restore market share to keep our economic engine running. What we got was global warming and cap-and-trade garbage with a huge plan to ruin our health care system as the cherry on top.

Cap-and-trade will strangle business growth and cost every American more on everything we consume. plus it is married to global warming fakery. What the Dems accomplished was to stimulate our rage at their audacity to reshape us into a socialist state. So now we’re the bad guys.

So how’s that hope and change working, America? The Dems are great at delivering empty words or creating new words for old tired ones to confuse you. I want a president who is for the real people who make this country great. He has squandered our children’s and their children’s money for nothing but his greed for power. It’s ironic that when speaking of the Afghan war and troop buildup, he said how bankrupt we are. All he has to do is look in a mirror to see who did that.

It is also time for Obama to stop apologizing to the world about the U.S. Without us, there would be no world as they know it. His No. 1 job as commander in chief is to protect the U.S. and our troops by keeping the politics out of our security.

Obama, you’re president, not a community organizer who wants the world to be run by a select few. This is not something we want. We are the United States of America and we love our freedom and country.

Jane Browder

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