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Your Views: Obama should focus on fixing nations problems
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President Barack Obama has spent 50 percent of his time since being elected out on the campaign trail showing favoritism to his Democrats. While in office, he should be working for all of the American people. Talk about discrimination, full blown; this is it.

The other 50 percent of his time is equally divided being a Hollywood celebrity in front of TV cameras, giving speeches, sending mixed messages, whining, pointing fingers and blaming Bush. All this at the expense of the American taxpayers.

Blaming the Bush administration for everything is getting old. Obama's apparent inability to fix things is nothing but pathetic. Obama seems unable to accept the fact that he is supposed to be in charge now and all of these problems now belong to him. He bought and paid for them (with a little help from ACORN).

The fact is that Obama should be in the White House solving all these problems and doing the job he's being paid to do instead of his cronic complaining and excessive campaigning day after day at taxpayer expense. His arrogance and bloated ego don't solve all of these problems.

Democrats continue to condemn Bush's tax cuts (4.6 percent for the wealthy, 5 percent for low earners). Yet they heap adoration on John F. Kennedy, who proposed a tax cut of 26 percent for the wealthy. Congress only gave him a 21 percent cut. Funny as it might seem, both cuts worked.

President Bill Clinton started this recession in 1993 when he signed the affirmative action law that made banks loan money to people with bad credit. Bush tried to change this bad idea but Rep. Barney Frank would not listen. Unemployment was just more than 4 percent. Subprime mortgages started to fail in September 2008.

Everyone got greedy. People were starting to live beyond their means and maxing out credit cards. Then came the job losses and recession. American jobs have been going overseas for more than 20 years caused by the greed of the workers and unions.

And illegal immigration has drained this country for more than 20 years. It has strained government services and clogged our medical system, all because of birthright citizenship. Free welfare, food stamps, free medical care and the more kids they have, the more they benefit. What right to these 20 million illegal immigrants have to come to our country and protest. They should be taking their anger out and airing all of their problems to their own governments.

Legal immigrants worked hard to get where they are and are proud to be American citizens. Birthright citizenship should not be a reward for breaking our laws and taking from the American people. It should be stopped now if America is going to solve all of its problems and start taking care of its own poor and elderly.

Dee Carver


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