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Your Views: More government power wont help US economy
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Some comments on the Community Forum of Aug. 16:

To Jim Putman’s letter, bravo. This is the Democratic Party’s national platform in a nutshell. Mr. Putman explained it simply and concisely. This is what they want for this country: socialism. When they talk of patriotism, don’t believe them. They want absolute control and power of everyone’s life.

So, all you folks out there that are thinking of voting for this "change" platform, you better make sure you know what kind of change you are voting for.

I am not entirely sure what W. Lorraine Watkins is saying. It appears that she is completely comfortable with the socialistic state that the Democrats desire. She seems to have issues with the economic policies of the past 20 years or so. Over that time, we have had one of the strongest economies in the world.

She talks of "economic justice;" this is nothing but income redistribution. Liberals have this utopian idea that they can eliminate poverty by overtaxing the wealthy. It can’t be done. There always will be poor people because there always will be people who make bad decisions that lead to poverty. It is not the government’s job to take care of the poor.

The top 25 percent of wage earners pay 80 percent of the taxes. They are pulling their weight.

All of this additional tax talk would not be necessary if Congress would get a hold on spending. Two-thirds of the federal budget is spent on items that are not authorized by our Constitution. Plain and simple, there is too much government as it is, and the Democrats want more. God help us.

Ben Terrell