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Your Views: Mankind too often uses devices for bad intent
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It recently came to mind that all modern technology is not good, or should I say a lot of it is being used for bad and evil purposes.

What irritated me enough to write this was an article I read in The Times, June 7: "Study: "Craig'slist a hotbed for illegal sex acts." Below, it read "Company says its casual encounters' ads within law." The so-called law needs to be changed.

Mankind is inspired by God to invent many good things to help people, with no evil deeds intended. But as fate would have it, some people will misuse some things, which was meant for good, to do bad and evil things. The evil forces of nature cause mankind to use good for evil purposes.

Let us, for a good purpose, use a car, which I believe was originally built to take people or things from one place to another. The time saved from walking or traveling by other, slower means could be used in other productive things to make life better for all. Let's not forget that some walking is good for all.

Let us now look at the down side of an automobile when used in a way that is abusive or counter to what is right, in a way that will harm people, animals, property and the environment. Automobiles can be grossly misused. Highways were never meant to be used for race tracks. They, like automobiles, were meant to help get people to and from places safely. Of course, at best, accidents will happen, and we hope and pray they will be minimal. But each day we see far too many things that people use automobiles for that are just plain wrong.

Our inventions didn't just fall from the sky. They came from hard work and, I believe, many prayers from our forefathers and others.

Our appreciation and thankfulness not lived up to could cause of some of the problems we now experiene. I and others know that payday will come to a society that takes for granted the many blessings it has received. These times can be a blessing to help people to come to the realization that we must repent.

Repentance is a small price to pay when we look at all the abuse that has gone unnoticed far too long. God loves us; that's the reason he is giving us another chance to repent. It must start from the top: families, governments, churches, schools and businesses.

Jesse Jenkins

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