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Your Views: Little return on our tax dollars
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County and city progress galore! Improvements on every corner! Bountiful property tax increases!

I am an American and I don't mind paying for the system. However, I would like equal opportunity for my tax dollars.

The problem? I have lived on a county road between Ga. Highway 13 and Interstate 985 on the borderline of Flowery Branch for 15 years. Twenty other families live on this road. We do not have county maintenance on this public road.

What do we get for our tax dollars? Children who have to walk up to one mile in various weather conditions to catch a school bus, which also subjects them to other dangers. Total lack of any public utilities or U.S. Postal Service. Lower appraisals by banking institutions due to the condition of the public road.

If my Hall County government does not want to do anything about this situation, then maybe it is time for me to seek the resources of the expanding city of Buford and give them my tax dollars.

William Newsom
Flowery Branch