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Your Views: Leaders could learn a lesson from churches
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Our national leader has declared to a foreign audience that America is no longer a Christian nation. This utterance exposes him for who he is, not who we as Americans are and have been since our founding fathers adopted our Declaration of Independence.

He further avows that his election authorizes him to fundamentally change America and so he begins by apologizing for America and her goodness. These unthinking utterances explain his uncaring indifference to truth and form in the minds of Americans, the first hint of his real agenda.

In order to accomplish his "fundamental change," he pushes Congress to act in haste to the detriment of the nation and the people they serve. By so doing, the president and Congress inadvertently revealed that its members don’t read the bills they vote on and can’t possibly be expected to read the voluminous number of pages they can’t understand anyway.

Even so, they rush to pass a stimulus bill, a cap-and-trade bill, a health care bill and a Cash for Clunkers bill, and they bail out General Motors Corp., Chrysler Corp., Bank of America, AIG and others all with the promise of stimulating the economy and creating jobs. All to be paid for with borrowed money.

All the while, they ignore our sons and daughters whose lives are on the line all over the world protecting not only America but all who call on us for help.

Our leader now plans to fly abroad at taxpayers’ expense to personally accept the Nobel Peace Prize that rightfully belongs to the young men and women in uniform who deserve the award and have done something to earn it.

As another has written, our national leadership is comprised of 100 senators, 435 representatives and one president, totaling 536 out of 300 million Americans. These 536 individuals are directly, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague our nation. Why? Because they refuse to listen! They pretend to hear at election time and promise change Americans desire, but after they are re-elected, they do as they please.

Once again our leaders have exposed themselves for who they really are and not for what Americans thought they would be when they elected them.

All across America, there sits irrefutable evidence of the character of this great nation and its people: places of worship. Churches where people gather in love and share the pain of a lost job, a home foreclosed, a fallen son or daughter, and freely share to make the burden bearable for those less fortunate.

And each night, as Americans all across this nation prepare themselves and their children for bed, they pray for our leadership. They pray that the power and light of the universe protect and preserve our beloved nation and ask for wisdom for our elected leaders.

Thank God that America is a Christian nation and that he, and only he, is sovereign.

William "Sonny" Sykes

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