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Your Views: It's time to throw out fat cats and take our nation back
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There is a lot being said about the mounting national debt, a debt that is sinking our nation into a hole we may never come out of. This is a debt that we are leaving our children and grandchildren to pay.

There is a lot of hot air coming out of our nation's capital from politicians about how to cut out-of-control spending. This rhetoric is not limited to just one party. The hot air is being blown from Democrats and Republicans. Many talk a good game, but what are they doing to cut spending?

A recent CBS news report gives us a look at just what some of our concerned congressman are doing to cut spending. Thanks to recently filed congressional expense reports, there's new light shed on the Copenhagen Climate Summit in Denmark and how much it cost taxpayers.

When I read this, I would like to say, I was shocked but I was not. I have come to expect as much from the fat cats we have elected to lead our nation.

During this recent trip to a summit on global warming (which by the way took place during a snowstorm) members of Congress ran up some rather large hotel bills. For 15 Democratic and six Republican congressmen, food and rooms for two nights cost $4,406 each in tax dollars.

That's $2,200 a day, more than most Americans spend on their monthly mortgage payment.
When asked about it, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. said, "I can't believe that but I just don't know." Really you don't know? Makes me feel great knowing men like that are serving in our nation's capital.

Rep. Waxman, your name is in black and white in the expense reports. The group expense report was filed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. When CBS asked her, she would not talk about it.

There is a problem in our nation, and President Barack Obama summed it up well: There is a deficit of trust in America. We, the American people, do not trust those in our nation's capital, including President Obama.

There is a lot wrong in America today. The biggest problem is an out-of-touch president and Congress. If we, as American patriots, want to save our nation, we need to clean house.

If we want to solve the so called global warming problem, we should put a muzzle on Al Gore and send the hot-air windbags in D.C. back home.

Too many of those in Congress have been there way too long. Some have even been there since Noah came off the ark. It is time to put American patriots in Congress, true statesmen who are in touch with the American people.

Let us as American patriots take our nation back!

the Rev. John Spinks

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