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Your Views: Its sad to see attorneys attack sheriffs office
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I am shocked and saddened to see that several local attorneys question the ethics of the Hall County Sheriffs Office and the Department of Natural Resources with their implementation of 287 (g). Contrary to the attorneys' belief, no law is meant to be conveniently applied, and it is certainly not the officers' jobs to determine what laws are or are not to be enforced.

Incidentally, the immigration law 287 (g) is not a tool to target the Hispanic community, nor is it implemented to increase revenue for the new jail. The law was created so that illegal immigrants who are unlawfully in the United States can be efficiently apprehended and deported. For anyone to make this law, or any enforcement action related to this law, out to be any more than that is irresponsible at best.

Consequently, if people are in fear of the Sheriff's Office's recent certification to enforce immigration law 287 (g), then the community might want to put the overzealous opinions of three biased local attorneys in perspective and study the ill effects of illegal immigration on a community. Only then will people begin to understand why immigration law and its enforcement are so important to Hall County.

In the interim, I would like to extend a big thank you to the Hall County Sheriff's Office and DNR for being the upstanding and ethical organizations I always viewed them to be.

Ann Teague

Immigration law is being enforced fairly
I'd like to comment on the following statements made in Tuesday's Times regarding Hall County's new 287(g) law, but I'd first like to compliment Sheriff Cronic for his comments in this article regarding this new law and its enforcement.

Attorney Arturo Corso stated, "Its tragic that we have an ethnicity of people in this day and age that live in fear of their government." Mr. Corso, it isn't an issue of ethnicity. It's an issue of someone living in this country illegally, no matter what their ethnicity.

Attorney Joe Diaz said, "Word spreads very quickly among the Hispanic community." I truly hope word spreads very quickly that Hall County enforces the 287(g) law, without exception.

Jean Bennett

Local attorney cited for his military service
During my term as president of the State Bar of Georgia, I have been able to observe the many positive contributions our members are making outside the realm of the legal profession and the justice system. I can think of no greater demonstration of one's commitment to public duty than that of those who have served the United States in our armed services.

In that spirit, please allow me to thank Robert Shane Lazenby of Gainesville for the sacrifices he has made in order to ensure that the rest of us continue to enjoy the freedoms with which we are so blessed. The impact of this service, in the latest military conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is seen globally and reflected in the work they do for the citizens of other countries, whether that work is legal in nature, or deals with basic survival.

A large number of Georgia lawyers and judges served this country in World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. Another contingent of members served our country without being deployed. We also salute them and the sacrifices they made. The impact of their service is still felt today. They have our thanks and gratitude.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "The study of law qualifies a man to be useful to himself, to his neighbors and to the public." Please join me in thanking these local attorneys for their exemplary service to our nation and for all they are doing on the home front to strengthen the American justice system.

Gerald M. Edenfield
President, State Bar of Georgia, Statesboro

Hall sheriff's office is responsive to residents
I would like to take a moment and thank the Hall County Sheriff's Office for an outstanding town meeting in Lula on April 29. The community turned out to listen, learn and give opinions. All of the residents of Lula are concerned, and each and everyone of the sheriff's department listened and gave us information to help our town stay a community of quality.

Hall County is very lucky to have this group of dedicated law enforcement officers working for us. Thank you Sheriff Cronic, Major Strickland, Captain Woodrow Tripp, Lieutenant Gene Joy, Donnie Jarrard and all the others working behind the scenes.

The Hall County Sheriff's Department is a group of dedicated men and women that go way beyond duty.

Vicky Chambers

Urban legend turns up in recent letter
I have been waiting for a credible source concerning the allegations by several Republicans that 30 to 40 million middle-class Americans are getting a $2,000 tax break from George Bush. While I'm waiting for that credible source, I might as well debunk Alexander Tyler.

No "Alexander Tyler" ever existed to pen the quotations often repeated over and over again by Republicans. The "Alexander Tyler" quotation was used by Jim Mewborne in a letter to the Editor of the Gainesville Times on Wednesday.

Remarkably, Ronald Reagan may have been the first to quote the mythical "Alexander Tyler" in a recorded speech in 1964. Then, on June 8, 1965, Reagan again used a version of that quote in a speech. But, it is uncertain if the 1964 speech cited "Tyler" or Tydler, his 1965 speech quoted a Tytler.

Tytler did exist and was the author of several books and a professor of history. However, the quote does not appear in any of his published works.

Further, the quote has been attributed in several forms to various people. Those people include Benjamin Disraeli, Alexis de Tocqueville, R. G. LeTourneau, Robert Muntzel and Arnold Toynbee.

Because the quotation is in several forms and attributed to so many people suggests very strongly a fraud. Certainly someone penned the words. But what reason is there for putting those words in the wrong mouths?

I suspect that someone with a political agenda manufactured the quote. The quote then was given a powerful author. The name of a powerful author gave the quote a false amount of credibility.

Tyler is an urban legend, a falsehood. Just like the "middle-class tax break" of $2,000 for a family of four from George Bush.

Michael Parker
Flowery Branch

Watering bans ignored
Why are the watering bans pretty much forgotten about in Hall County and neighboring counties?
I understand why the bans are not a big issue in the other counties of North Georgia, with their lakes being full and back to their normal status. However, with Lake Lanier, it seems that Hall County does not consider the lake's low water level that big of a deal anymore, with easing up on the water restrictions for business and pleasure such as for Lanier Islands and allowing for private pools to be filled.

In my opinion, the public should be reminded daily of the lakes condition and be reinforced of the conservation acts of preserving the water.

Garrett King
Chestatee High student