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Your Views: Immigration enforcement would save us a lot of grief
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In response to Alan Shope's letter Wednesday: Mr. Shope, on a practical note, do you not see how illegal immigration directly contributed to this current economic crisis we find ourselves in?

They are directly responsible for the massive inventory of houses that are sitting empty right now. If they were not here building, then Americans would still be working. The American workforce was not enough to keep up with demand in the housing market. Therefore, the housing boom would have lasted many more years.

As for all that money that we could be benefitting from, the majority of that goes directly to their home countries. You stated they contributed more than they were costing Hall County. Let's look at that medical care and schooling cost. What about the gangs that keep our police so busy, not to mention food stamps and state welfare programs?

As a small business owner, I refuse to hire anyone but Americans. That may seem prejudiced to you, but that is how it will be with me.

I understand your biblical reference, but nowhere in the Bible does it tell us to cut our own throat to be a good host. We Americans understand our roots and the history of this country. Yes, we are a country of immigrants, but our forefathers followed the rules.

That's all we ask, that people who come here and want to be Americans follow the rules we have in place.

Holly Jones
Flowery Branch

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