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Your Views: Hall County needs more EMS stations, not more fire fighters
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The letter criticizing the Hall County Commission for not building a new fire station in the Cool Springs area is typical of a 30-year public safety officer. The mentality of spend more money to put more people to work for the government is part of the reason we are in deep trouble today.

Before we build more fire stations, let’s ask: Why do we need all the stations that we have now? When was the last time that the millions of dollars of equipment that we have now was actually used to fight a fire? When was the last time that a life was saved by local fire fighters?

Back at the turn of the century, when homes and business used coal and wood for heating and cooking, fire stations were needed. Now how often are calls made to actually fight a fire. I see fire trucks at minor accidents (so they can log a call?) but don’t see or hear very often that they are called to fight a fire.

EMS is another story. They are needed, and if the Cools Springs area really needs quicker response, build a EMS station, not a complete fire station. I thank the commissioners for not building another unnecessary public building with more employees.

Gene Cobb

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