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Your Views: Governor can spend on planes but not veterans
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I find it rather upsetting that the governor flew in to Gainesville and made a comment on how local governments are wasting money, yet no comment was made by local government officials. I thought that we were doing a pretty good job.

Yet, the state is crying about shortfalls. It can find $600,000 to get a hanger at Charlie Brown Airport, but can't find enough to keep the War Veterans home open. We now know that the governor rates his flying above the veterans in this state.

Shame on us for not standing up and protecting our veterans. If it was not for these men and women, we would not have what we have today. I urge that each and every one of us support veterans and give a helping hand to the veteran groups in the area.

William Harris

Palin not qualified to serve as vice president
Is it not time to be honest regarding John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate?

She photographs well, she is a woman, hopefully to get the votes of unhappy Hillary supporters, and she plays well in the red states. Well, I am tired of being played.
Yes, she is anti-abortion (although she did give her own daughter a choice), anti-gay marriage and pro guns. But what do these values have to do with the job of vice president?

Let's stop for a minute and look at her "experience." She was the mayor of a town smaller than Buford and governor of a state with fewer people than Gwinnett County.

Alaskans pay no state sales or income taxes and receive a payment of $3,269 each year under the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Alaska has no traffic; freight is mostly sent by barge. Two barges in the winter and three in the summer.

Does this sound like she has knowledge of the problems in the lower 48 states? How could this woman bring our country together? She has never known diversity. Alaska is a Republican Valhalla; the last time they voted for a Democrat was 40 years ago. The job she wants is too important to vote for a product of Republican spin doctors.

Joan King's column was dead-on. I am offended that Republicans think women are so shallow that we will vote for anything without a "Y" chromosome with no regard for the issues. This country has big time grown-up problems and I will vote for the next president for grown-up reasons. Maybe I am not alone.

Sue Basel
Flowery Branch

Palin letter on the mark
This is in response to Peggy Hoynes' comment Sept. 17, "Even a pig with lipstick knows McCain and Palin have more morals, values, substance, knowledge and leadership than Obama and Biden."

She goes on to say that there is no way on this earth she is going to give her country away.

All I can say is "You go girl!" I think we all need to "slap on a little lipstick" and hold onto what's ours.

Brenda Carawan