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Your Views: Georgia suffers as nearby states use water freely
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In the news May 13 was another story stating why the other states need to dip into Georgia's water supply. First it was mussels, then shrimp, and today, it's important to their endangered species, etc., which has nothing to do with the well-being of human life. Nor did they mention mussels and shrimp today, so I suppose that has been resolved without Georgia's water.

I have never recovered from leaving Georgia driving through Alabama to Florida for some vacation time. When I left my home in Georgia, there were outside water restrictions and the red banks of Lake Lanier showing something ugly. But it was a different story as I crossed each state line.

First into Alabama, water sprinklers were going, keeping the nice highway grass green. Then in Florida the same issue; everybody was watering their lawns. Oh, they were so nice and green. My lawn in Georgia was brown and cracking as I walked across it. Can you imagine why?

Georgia's water was going to two other states, I suppose because they didn't have water supplies. Yet they hold claim to lakes and rivers that I saw flowing full. Both have access to the Atlantic Ocean, for crying out loud.

Bobby Slaton

Obama, Democrats grab power, take our freedoms
Are you watching Washington's power grab as they change our republic into a socialist nation? Is this the change President Barack Obama delivered in his sound bites when campaigning, but cleverly never defined? Is this Chicago-style politics run amok on the national scene? Are Americans starting to realize what they voted for and how his change will effect all of us?

Obama voters got so snookered into his rock-star hype, but where was the substance that was going to make all their problems go away without having to earn it? Was this the "Price Is Right" election?

He was young, bright and could talk class warfare instead of uniting the nation, as he declared. With the help of his Teleprompter, he sounded like a political preacher as he made you believe in the unbelievable, not politics as usual in Washington. The news media withheld his Teleprompter sightings till after the election, just as they did all other info that surrounded his past in Chicago and the mentors who taught him. So who is rewarded now? Unions, environmentalist groups and peaceniks.

This mistake is going to cost all of us dearly. Use your head and common sense to understand that government does not earn money it takes from us. Your so-called free health care is going to cost all of us and it affects the care we'll be able to receive. Right now, no one is denied medical care in America today; just ask an illegal immigrant.

Fast-track to vice consumption like sweetened drinks, fast food, alcohol and smokes, even gas or whatever they want to add a hefty tax to. Will it help cover a part of that "free" universal health care you feel entitled to? You think your groceries are high now, just you wait.

Beside this health care myth, there's the environmental cap and trade bill that will lead to increased energy costs passed on to us. Please take the time to understand what is in these bills and let your congressman know how you feel.

The Democrats controlled by the Obama administration are working at making the rest of the nation just like Illinois, California, Michigan and New York. Those states are bankrupt, overtaxed and run into the ground by liberal politics. We are living in a tax-and-spend America now and it will get ugly.

So why is Obama getting a pass on all this destruction? Since they've been grooming and controlling our educational system and welfare state so long, they've killed the individualism that will take risks to succeed, and have encouraged laissez-faire attitudes. They've sold the idea that success is bad and are doing everything to destroy our achievers.

Washington wants to control our lives and take more and more of our freedoms and liberties away from us. Let's turn this around before it's too late. We're Americans and we have made the world a better place with our hard work, resourcefulness and military. We spend billions to help make the world safe and come to other nations' aid in time of peril. Who else is going to do that?

Jane Browder