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Your Views: Georgia should follow leaders on clean energy
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It's way past time for Georgia to follow California, New York and other states in encouraging clean solar and wind energy. We wouldn't need to worry about polluting our air since wind and the sun's energy are clean and free.

But our senators talk about energy independence while they did not support tax credits for clean energy production. They need to explain why. Partisan politics is part of the problem, but is that going to be a barrier until the election? That shortsighted approach is unacceptable.

Just one fact: A recent report by ABT Associates concluded that fine particle emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation (that means coal plants) kill around 30,000 Americans a year, more than those killed by drunk driving or homicides.

Georgia has some of the dirtiest coal plants in the nation. Sens. Chambliss and Isakson, are you listening?

Adele Kushner

Why approve farm variance so quickly?
While watching news stories about dysfunctional governmental bodies such as the Lithonia City Council and Clayton County Board of Education, I have wondered about their problems. Is it total incompetence, or are they just corrupt to the core?

I have wondered, but never really sought the answer because this craziness was happening miles from my home. But now, in the words of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the chickens have come home to roost. Later you will understand why I picked this particular quote.

I attended a Hall County Planning Commission meeting to oppose granting a variance for setbacks on a proposed poultry farm. The reason stated for the variance request was topographical restraints. After several people, including a lawyer, a representative from the DNR and myself stated our case, I was sure of a denial. It was clear the variance request was to allow three chicken houses instead of two.

One of the commission members then stated that there was room without the variance for two houses, but three houses were needed to raise pullets. Pullets are better than broilers. Then he motioned for approval. He received a second, followed by an unanimous vote for approval.

Maybe I am the one with the mental deficit, but I find it difficult relating pullets and broilers with topography. The planning commission can really make it hard to argue your case when you do not have a clue what to argue. Personally, I think finches are better than pullets and would agree with the applicant for the variance to put all 12 acres under a roof to raise finches.

What I would like to know is where do these planning commission members come from? Is it a job program for the mentally challenged or a work release program for the terminally corrupt? And are they actually getting paid for this foolishness?

I am speaking of taxpayer dollars of course, not payoffs. I know a fixed fight when I see it. I think this decision was already made before the first word was spoken. Anyone with the answers to these questions, please contact me. Also, any planning commission member who wished to challenge any statement I made, feel free to do so. As far as the decision already being made, notice I state that was only my thought.

Joey Irvin

Killing dog should have been last resort
First let me say how sorry I am to Mr. Reeves for the loss of his Betsy Girl. As a dog owner, I know how it would be to lose a dog.

That dog was protecting his master and doing what dogs do. They growl and bark to warn that some stranger is there. It upsets me to know such action was taken to kill that dog and injure another one.

Why not use a Taser gun or pepper spray and let killing be the last resort? Why wasn't the animal control unit called first to assist the officers, since there have been trips to the house before and no one has ever had a problem with the dogs? Why has one ended up dead and one injured?

I bet if you or I killed a dog, we would be in jail now. I know Betsy can't be replaced, but this needs to be investigated.

Sharon Stewart

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