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Your Views: Federal overseers are burning our candles at both ends
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In putting together a few recent pieces of news in The Times, let me see if I've got this correct:

The federal government's auto company, GM (bought with our money-that we have not yet earned) is rushing toward production of a group of car models that will run primarily on electricity that can be gotten from the electrical receptacle in our garages.

Soon, if they have their way, we'll all be buying our energy for travel from Georgia Power and the EMCs in Georgia. Is it a coincidence that the same federal government — those senators and representatives and president, with all his czars, in Washington, D.C. — is planning to put a 20 to 30 percent tax on our electrical energy usage through what they are calling a Cap and Trade Tax?

So instead of Exxon making 3 percent profit from our purchase of the gasoline it bought and refined, the federal government will make 30 percent profit for doing nothing with us paying the difference and all the costs to collect it.

And so Georgia Power and the EMCs will be burning one heck of a lot more coal every night to make the electricity to power our new little poopy cars. It would seem to the average guy, that all this additional burning coal would produce a lot more pollution even more than the little electric poopy cars are not producing. I guess the federal government will explain this illogic by reminding us that it will be burned at night, so it won't count.

This reminds me of the other story about how the federal government is paying farmers in the Midwest to grow corn (with money we have not earned yet) to make a gasoline-like corn product to run our cars that is much more expensive than real gasoline. It creates more pollution than real gasoline, too, and has raised the cost of food for us and cut some folks in the world out of food altogether.

And then there is the federal government's post office, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, all broke again.

So are you going to happily give these same federal government folks in D.C. your checking account number so they can draw out your money as they need it to "manage" your health care? Good luck with that.

Rick Frommer

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