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Your Views: Democrats leading us astray with runaway federal spending
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The Democratic Party is heading the USA into a poisonous catastrophe.

Here is a good way to understand just how bad they have made things. First, think about the total cost of the federal budget in terms of dollars per year per person. Second, think of that cost in terms of dollars that will buy only what a dollar was worth in 2009, like half a loaf of bread.

Recent data from the Census Bureau point out the staggering increase in this cost from 1900 to 2009. The cost per person per year increased from only $170 per person per year (remember, in 2009 dollars) in 1900, to more than $12,000 last year (see data here).

My key point here is that the cost per person per year increased almost 40 percent in 2009. That's right, the cost per person per year increased from just under $9,000 to nearly $13,000 in one year, the first year of the Obama and Democratic Party monopoly in the government.

And Democrats wonder why ordinary Americans are going to treat their candidates as though that party's policies were poison?

Democrats must be prevented from administering any more poison. But even if they are removed, some poisons take a long time to recover from. Socialism is one of them. Communism is worse, because it is even more coercive and oppressive than socialism.

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) movement may be a start as an antidote to this poison.

However, the work to return the USA toward a smaller cost per person per year has only begun. Americans of all kinds need to help at this work. It will not be easy.

Also, rehabilitation should take a while. No point in making the cure worse than the poison. It took a hundred years to get into this trouble, so it might take a couple of generations to get freedom back.

But we must start now. Vote on Tuesday.

WT "Ted" Hinds



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