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Your Views: Democratic ideas led to our current economic mess
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Boy, Nedra Palmer has ingested a whole lot of the "progressive" Democrat Kool-Aid. I see nothing wrong with WDUN expanding its conservative talk radio seeing as how about 90 percent of the mass media in this country leans decidedly to the left. Where else can those of us who have a brain and live in the real world get some sensible information?

As for Nedra's assertion that the Republicans created this financial mess, she needs to do some research. The primary reason for our current economic condition lies with the housing and mortgage mess. This was all precipitated by Democratic policies. You have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter to get to the root of the matter.

See, the "progressives" have this idea that home ownership is a constitutional right. They strong-armed and threatened the banking industry into making massive numbers of bad loans to people that had no business holding a mortgage. Thank Barney Frank and his ilk for most of this. Remember ACORN? They were his goon enforcers.

Therefore, the Democrats are not cleaning up a Republican mess; they are merely trying to further screw up their mess. Why would we want to move toward a European-style economy? France and England are currently trying to reverse the damage this type of economy has wrought on them.

The "progressives" need to get their heads out of the sand and forget this "utopian" notion that life is fair and everyone should have the same things.

Ben Terrell

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