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Your Views: Column misstated how organization aids womens health
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Trevor Thomas, I read your latest column regarding defunding Planned Parenthood. Obviously you know very little about the services provided by Planned Parenthood. They are not, "in the business to provide abortions," nor are they, "dedicated to ending human life."

Planned Parenthood provides myriad health services for women. You stated "health services for women" like it was something distasteful and evil. Have you ever been to a Planned Parenthood, spent any time in a clinic or spoken with a woman receiving services at a clinic? Ever walked in the shoes of a desperate and scared person in need of medical services, not for an abortion, but a mammogram, a pap-smear, an Aids test, etc. I doubt it.

I've known a woman gang raped by a team of college wrestlers, a friend with an STD (from her supposed boyfriend) and a friend pregnant and thrown out by her family and dumped by the father of the baby. Where do those women turn for guidance and support?

Does your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother ever visit the doctor yearly to make certain that they'll be around to read your column in the future? Let's hope that they are never in the position where they have no insurance and no support. Why is it that nearly all the articles regarding anti-abortion and anti-women are written by men? It would be a different world if men were the ones that got pregnant, got breast cancer, ovarian cancer, were raped or needed pre-natal care.

What Planned Parenthood does best is provide necessary life saving treatments, tests, information and procedures for women. Advocating that women return to a day and age of no information, treatment or tests would be devastating for our culture and the women of America.

I advocate life in all forms, for the unborn, but also for those that are walking amongst us, my mother, my friends, my co-workers and myself.

Lari Lyn Beyer