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Your Views: Christians should care, lead our nation to better days
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I read the letter by William P. Clark in The Times on Dec. 19, "Is U.S. a Christian nation? True Christians really shouldn’t care."

First of all, with all due respect, I think that true Christians should care about the direction in which this nation is headed. Nothing would please the adversary any more than Christians looking the other way and not being concerned about the condition of our nation.

Our nation is suffering greatly because of the lack of leadership of true Christians. When they look the other way, I doubt if you could call them true Christians. True Christians have a moral obligation to uphold the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. Many of these so-called Christians and Americans have fallen short in that respect.

It is sad when people will condemn something that is good for their benefit and that of mankind. Christianity is meant to be for the betterment of all mankind. It was Satan’s idea to turn evil against good. Christians are suppose to be concerned for all mankind, not just Christians alone. Jesus’ concern was that all mankind hear the gospel, not just Christians.

Whether or not the U.S. is a Christian nation, I believe our savior is coming back one day like he said. The truth is that each day, people are leaving here, prepared or not prepared. I will not be a party to mislead anyone.

The sad part about everyday living is that the enemy of our creator is trying to mislead people anyway he can. Ever since he caused the first two people on earth to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, he has been up to doing the same. By America being a free nation, it has to be more careful than others where people are under bondage and don’t have the freedom to worship as they please.

Freedom is good, but when it is used to do evil things, it can be dangerous. America, like God, gives us second chances to repent if we have it in us to do so, but if we disregard that goodness, we are sure to pay the consequence. Somewhere you have to draw the line and say enough is enough.

Jesse Jenkins

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