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Your Views: Choose the right version of Bible for your copying, studying
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I found the "Scribe of Scriptures" article in Saturday's Times very delightful.

Mega-kudos to Freddie North regarding his perseverance in hand copying the entire New International Version of the Bible. I do not fully believe his statement, "It brought me closer to God and gave me more understanding of the Bible." As will be shown below, at best, he is now an accomplished hand copier of the contents of the NIV.

During early 2010, I undertook a similar quest of hand copying the epistles of Paul out of the New American Standard Bible. During the process I compared and contrasted the NAS epistles with those found in the NIV and the King James Version.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of the foundational doctrines of Christianity contained in the KJV were changed or distorted beyond recognition in the copyrighted NIV and NAS Bibles.

Time and space does not allow a detailed listing of the errors and distortions contained in the copyrighted versions. However, the following should suffice to warrant extreme caution when using a NIV or Revised Standard Version Bible as a basis for one's faith and salvation.

In both the NIV and RSV believers are not said to be saved as specified in the KJV, but are being saved. As shown in the KJV, the foundation was laid by Paul. However, in the copyrighted Bibles, Paul is said to have laid a foundation. According to the KJV, we members of the body of Christ, are looking for the savior while others appear to be looking for a savior.

Granted, there does not seem to be much difference between the direct and indirect articles shown in the above, but the thoughts conveyed by the sentences or phrases have eternal ramifications. In my opinion, when compared and contrasted with the KJV, both the NIV and RSV are replete with errors, deception and borderline blasphemy.

True, the errors contained in the NIV and RSV Bibles are subtle. In fact, so subtle that the average churchgoing, scripture-ignorant Christian may never detect them on their own. As a result of this ignorance through the influence of the NIV and RSV, many deadly doctrines have been introduced and accepted by contemporary Christianity.

According to the article, Mr. North started copying the KJV on Dec. 14. I highly recommend that all believers begin a KJV copying quest. Not only will you become knowledgeable of what is contained in scripture, you will also become knowledgeable of what is not contained in scripture. Scripture being that text contained in the authorized KJV originally published in 1611.

Some sage advice for you saints who are considering a systemized Bible copy or study. Over the years I have discovered that reading and studying the Bible is like eating boiled peanuts. By rightly dividing the word of truth you must learn what to eat and what not to eat.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch

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