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Your Views: Businesses should pay costs of bad decisions
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Whatever happened to the free enterprise system that made America the envy of the world? If you made good business decisions, you reaped the rewards. If you made bad business decisions, you suffered the consequences.

But now we have a system where if you dig yourself into a deep enough hole, the government (that is, you and me) will bail you out. Greed will be the downfall of our country. We do not have to worry about an external military terrorist attack. We will destroy ourselves from within by our uncontrollable greed.

Those who have caused this or contributed to this mess should not profit from this economic disaster.

Michael Carroll

Government passes its bills on to middle class
Our government says Wall Street, the banks and large corporation will repay this so-called bailout. But in my opinion this is a bunch of lies.

Our government has told the "middle class" that countries that owe the United States money would repay what they owe. Our government just marked those bills paid and passed it on to the "middle class" Americans, their children and their grandchildren. Who protects and supports the middle class in this country?

Brick McKay

Bailout would dump bad debts on taxpayers
No, no, no! Please stop this government payout to investment firms that made bad decisions. Do not force these costs on us taxpayers.

I am paying for my home. I did not bury myself in debt. It is so ironic to see the very administration and business men that so preach free market and no government intervention now beg for untold billions of taxpayer dollars. Stop this madness!

Randall Pobst