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Your Views: Amid corruption in DC, tea party shows us the way
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In my view, and perhaps some others', we are witnessing an administration overloaded with arrogant academics and radicals. These people, including President Barack Obama, haven't a clue about how the real world works.

They are continually stressing how much they care for the working people and small business. However, I find it hard to believe they can relate to the "little people." Apparently none of them have ever had to meet a payroll, deal with the IRS affirmative action, EPA, OSHA, going "green," unions, how to pay the power and grocery bill and would not know which end of a screwdriver to use.

I believe we are held in gross contempt and they assume we have the IQ of a rock. Remember, they have lived in the dream world of the hypothetical and the environment of community organizing, and therefore have all the answers.

The Obama administration and his lapdog Congress are the most corrupt and blatant bunch of rogues I have seen in my lifetime. I lived through the Great Depression and because of them it looks like I will have to endure this painful experience again.

I would think Slick Willy and the "goober man" would be so happy that President B.O. came along. In comparison, he makes Willy look like a George Washington clone and the goober man endowed with the Wisdom of Solomon.

The only thing Mr. Obama has kept his word on is change and he created a lot of it, all bad. He promised us transparency. We could view proposed legislation on C-SPAN. I have been watching but I must have missed it. I suppose it is a good thing because it would have taken several big trees to print off 2,400 pages of Obamacare and this would have upset the "greens."

Don't want to be unfair, so I need to give the president credit for some success. He has excelled in division and I don't mean arithmetic. (It would help him however to get a third-grade review because his math is somewhat strange. Can you spend your way out of debt?)

Never has our country been so divided. Has he made any effort to reach out to the tea party people? He also has a double deck of race cards.

Another area where his accomplishments are outstanding is the creation of a dark cloud of uncertainly and fear which is hovering over our land. Businesses and individuals are afraid to invest and spend because they have no assurance about what to expect in the future, cap-and-tax, Obamacare, the coming tsunami of taxes, etc. Many of us have lost a lot of sleep because of this cloud and many have also lost their jobs.

"Let me be clear." We are at a time when our nation needs the best leadership but we have the worst. We have lost our way. However, there is hope. The tea party has found the compass!

Gary Gambrell

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