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Your Views: All Arizona is doing is enforcing existing US immigration laws
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I would like to take a moment to set Saif Khan straight on an article in The Times on Monday. As a veteran myself, I thank you for your service to our great country. But I have to let you know you are mixed up on a few points.

One, as you are obviously a legal immigrant who obeyed our laws of immigration and have assimilated into our community and served, you have earned the right for citizenship. But to compare yourself to unwanted illegal aliens who sneak across our border, who don't obey our laws, don't assimilate, don't pay taxes or own property, but put a huge strain on our government services and clog our medical system is a disservice to you and other legal immigrants.

Another point is Arizona is being raked over the coals for doing something the feds have not the intestinal fortitude to accomplish: Enforce existing federal law. That is all Arizona is doing, nothing more sinister.

I cannot understand why average Americans put up with this nonsense from a small group of extremists who want the rest of us to conform to their philosophy that if you have something precious (freedom) you must give it away to everyone, damn the laws and will of the majority, until it is so convoluted it has no meaning.

I just hope our leaders come to their collective senses before it is too late and we are called the North American Union because of it. God help us all!

Richard Carlson

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